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article imageEgg Freezing Is Successful Even After 5 Years

By Melissa Horrocks     Oct 22, 2009 in Health
Discovering a medical condition that delays having a family can be extremely difficult. However, with medical advances in egg implantation, fertility problems might become a thing of the past.
Egg freezing is growing in popularity with more people choosing to freeze their eggs. With the advances in medical science EGG freezing has become more accessible to individuals. New Scientist report that the Human Oocyte Preservation Experience (HOPE) Registry have carried out an experiment on a thawed egg IVF over five years. The prospects of this research make it easier for women who need or want to prevent having a baby until a later stage. Before this time eggs had not usually survived past 5 years of freezing.
The changes these findings will bring are extremely beneficial to women who have medical difficulties or circumstances where they need to wait longer time limits before they have children.
The medical testing looked at 115 IVF cycles in the registry where nearly 90 per cent of thawed eggs past the freezing stages. During this research over half of the women implanted became pregnant. This proved that around 90 per cent of the eggs that had gone through the IVF freezing had survived. These new found results would bring advances in medical science that would prove beneficial for many people. The significance of the results when compared to eggs that have not been frozen are that the results are very similar. Before this time the results might have differed with the higher percentage of none frozen eggs surviving.
Usually only half of eggs survive and can be used after freezing. There are other complications involved with egg implantation as well so people need to really consider egg implantation before going through with it. Although medical technology is advancing extremely quickly there are still risks to consider. the IVF website take a more detailed look at egg implantation with the procedures clearly explained.
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