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article imageOp-Ed: Celebs using social media to complain about each other

By KJ Mullins     Oct 12, 2009 in Entertainment
Do you follow celebs on Twitter? If you do you can be more up to date than the gossip rags on who is fighting with who. Celebs have taken to the social media network site like ducks to water.
Maybe it would be better to say like duck hunters with very sharp sticks.
It's not uncommon to see celebs having fights among each other on Twitter. If you follow Perez Hilton it's a daily occurrence, in his universe there is love and hate tucked in with the celeb tidbits he sends out.
There are celeb wars, the current ones are between Perez and Demi Moore and Spencer Pratt and Ryan Seacrest. Oh the drama.
Let's be honest though, us mortals without the Hollywood tan do kind of enjoy watching this banter go forth. It's nice to see that the high and mighty can be so silly and childish. The truth is celebs are just like we are, with more money.
And celebs aren't the only ones getting into the action. Their fans and those who aren't thrilled with them Tweet about these type of 'issues.'
The LA Times reports:
"Giving some celebrities Twitter is like giving a kid a loaded gun," said Allan Mayer, head of the strategic communications division at the publicity firm 42West. "Twitter can be enormously valuable as a branding tool. But like everything else, it's a double-edged sword, and if you have impulse control problems -- which strangely a lot of celebrities seem to have -- it can be very dangerous."
In the future celebs may be forbidden by their agents to enter the TweetZone but until then we can sit back and watch them give the gossip rags more juice for free.
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