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article imageAnti-Obama Politics at Toronto's Dundas Subway Station Special

By Andrew Moran     Oct 9, 2009 in Politics
It is very rare to see United States politics in Canadian subway stations but for a group of Lyndon LaRouche supporters, it is very important to get LaRouche's message to the general population.
On Friday, a group of Lyndon LaRouche supporters held signs and handed out a booklet of information regarding LaRouche’s views on the British Empire, United States President Barack Obama’s health care plan and the global financial system.
LaRouche is known as a political activist, economist and a perennial candidate for U.S. President.
“The world financial system is crashing,” confidently stated one supporter at Toronto’s Dundas subway station. LaRouche, who has been a US Presidential candidate eight times, once for the Labor Party and seven times for the Democratic Party, sees hard times ahead and possibly the end of things as we know it. On a September 8, 2009 webcast, he began to declared, “Well, I can promise you a lot of bad news---which I’m sure you wish to hear.”
LaRouche PAC Demonstration in Toronto
On Friday, Oct. 16, supporters of Lyndon LaRouche were demonstrating their support at Toronto's Dundas Station.
Andrew Moran
One man held a sign with President Obama yielding a Hitler-type moustache and he told bystanders walking passed him, “We’re raising money to cut Obama’s moustache.”
Digital Journal spoke to one of the men and he explained, as his partner was telling Canadians passing by that they should worry about the collapse of the global economic system, the British are financially backing Barack Obama and “the American people need to warn him so he can get re-elected.”
Across the United States, the health care debate is enraging Americans from both sides of the political spectrum. LaRouche would like to see a single-payer health care policy, as he compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and the President’s health care reform plan to Hitler’s Action T4 euthanasia plan. Also further stating, “Junk your present program. It’s idiotic, it’s completely stupid and it’s criminal; stop it! Mr. President, for the first time in your life, be a mensch!”
In 2008, the political activist and founder of the LaRouche Movement did not run for the Democratic Presidential nomination; however, his group supported then-Senator of New York and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
However, posters, similar to the ones in Toronto, enraged a lot of Americans. In Seattle, people threatened to rip the posters apart or even physically assault the LaRouche supporters. The police department was called in twice because of the incidents.
Digital Journal will have more on this story.
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