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article imageTopFinds: Obama wins Nobel Prize, Ahmadinejad's Jewish roots

By David Silverberg     Oct 9, 2009 in Internet
U.S. President Barack Obama is 2009's recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. An interview with an Iranian queer activist. Google Street View arrives in Canada. These are the top stories around the world.
Powerful interviews can make or break a profile. Digital Journalist Johnny Simpson earns thumbs-up for publishing an excellent profile of Arsham Parsi, founder of Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees. Parsi works as a queer activist to make sure Iranian gay citizens aren't being improperly treated. Johnny tells us Parsi has faced death threats, excommunication, but he is resilient in his fight, an Iranian Harvey Milk, if you will. This summary doesn't do this great profile justice, check it out.
In Toronto, Bart B. Van Bockstaele takes us on a tour of the Netherlands Bazaar, a biennial charity event organized "to collect funds to help needy people of Dutch extraction." Along with a report on the actual event, Bart also lays out the history of the Dutch in Canada in clear accessible language. Watch his embedded video to see the Bazaar in action.
What's a "taste engine"? Find out when you read Bob Ewing's Q&A with the founder of Jinni, a website blending social network, movie fan site and personality test. This interview illuminates not only Jinni's motives, but also underscores the importance of new media's impact in everything from journalism to movies.
A selection of other notable stories include:
Barack Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize by Miriam Mannak: It's not every day that a sitting U.S. President wins a Nobel Prize, and when the winner is Barack Obama, not everyone is going to agree it was a wise move. Obama was chosen over 205 nominees to take home the prestigious award, winning both fanfare and criticism from literally ever corner of the world. Mannak highlights the praise being bestowed onto the venerable politician, while also pointing out the irony that the award of the peace prize goes to the person who may decide to send thousands more U.S. troops to Afghanistan.
‘Immortality enzyme’ wins Nobel Prize for Medicine by Paul Wallis: The Nobel Prizes makes news, especially when there's something called the "immortality enzyme" involved. "The long-term possibilities of telomerase as therapy are immense. The theoretical ability to restart cell replication also has many applications in degenerative diseases alone."
Google Street View comes to Toronto, other Canadian cities by Andrew Moran: It caused intense controversy when it was first announced, but looks like the Google has brought Street View to Canada without Canucks like it or not. Search for any address in cities such as Toronto and revel in the close-up view of the site, complete with controls to zoom or rotate the camera left and right. Fascinating and highly addictive.
Fox News anchor Glenn Beck
Fox News anchor Glenn Beck
By the Rocketeers
UK Supermarket Pulls Fox News Ads Over Beck's Obama Remarks by Chris Dade: The Glenn Beck debacle continues -- the UK supermarket Waitrose is taking its ads off the air of Beck's show airing in Britain, due to complaints calling Beck "a right-wing cant." Um, was that a spelling mistake on the last word?
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have Jewish roots by Andrew Moran: This shocker of a headline explains how the Iranian president may indeed have a Jewish ancestor, according to a close-up inspection of his ID records. Andrew adds, "An Internet blogger, Mehdi Khazali, called for an investigation into the President’s background but he was later arrested last summer."
SNL skit provides checklist on President Obama's accomplishments by Michael Krebs: This article became widely popular, perhaps because of the content or the embedded video. Michael tells us about a Saturday Night Live skit depicting Barack Obama admitting he's done jack squat in the past year. The skit has even urged media outlets to double-check on SNL's claims.
Quake triggers Pacific tsunami
A massive sub-sea, 8.0 magnitude earthquake sent waves over the Samoa islands
Photo by gpatnava (TwitPic)
The Top Blog Post of the Week is awarded to John Louie S. Ramos who hails from Caloocan, Philippines. In a very personal blog post, John tells us what he faced during the typhoons that ravaged his home country. "Schools were turned into temporary settlement while classes were suspended for one week. Merchants incurred big losses," he writes.
We glad you are safe, John, and we extend our heartfelt sympathies to those affected by the disaster.
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