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article imageOp-Ed: Adderall — The New Drug of Choice on College Campuses

By Walt Crocker     Dec 15, 2011 in Crime
Before, marijuana was the drug of choice on college campuses, but now a drug used to treat attention deficient disorder in children , Adderall is the new college drug of choice.
I grew up during a transitional time culturally. I was too young for Woodstock and too old to listen to Elvis. I remember the very first hippie in the neighborhood, Ronnie Fernandas. At that period of time, most of the cool people in the neighborhood were more 50s style that anything else.
It was white T-Shirts rolled up at the sleeve with a package of cigarettes tucked inside and blue jeans. The drug of choice was beer, although some of the biker types used amphetamines. The neighborhood was definitely behind the rest of the country. They were experimenting with shrooms, LSD, and marijuana.
But we still looked at long hair, bell bottoms, and tie-dye T-Shirts as being something well, "freaky." But then Woodstock came along and changed all of that. Woodstock and the Vietnam War were both determining factors of how our lifestyle was going to be lived.
Ronnie Fernandas was the first hippie in the neighborhood. He had long hair, wore bell bottoms and tie-dye T-Shirts. He lived at home with his parents and was in a rock and roll band. He played a set of Ludwig drums, the same kind of drums that Ringo Starr played. He smoked marijuana and used LSD. We though he was cool.
On any given night, we could hear Ronnie playing his drums. He had very understanding parents. They would come outside and sit on the front porch steps when the music got too loud inside.
We kids would come running from all over the neighborhood to listen to the music. A select few would be allowed inside the basement to listen to the music and smoke a joint with Ronnie.
Sometimes Ronnie would invite some of his friends over and they would set up and play out in the back yard behind the house. There would be kids lined up all of the way down he alley to hear them.
Slowly the neighborhood went from the greaser era into a new era. The 60's had arrived.
College campuses have always been the barometer of drug use across the country. Drug of choice would first appear on the campuses and then spread into mainstream America.
Now once again, the drug of choice on college campuses is amphetamine, or "speed." But it's not your normal type of speed that has been around for ages. It's much more dangerous now. The type of speed being used is called Adderall. Adderall is used to treat Attention Deficit Syndrome in children and young adults.
It's weird, but it's long been known that an amphetamine will calm hyper active children. It has the opposite effect in adults, and that's what the college kids are looking for.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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