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article imageTopFinds: Typhoons Ravage Phillippines, Spanking Kids Lowers IQ

By David Silverberg     Oct 2, 2009 in Internet
A Digital Journalist from the Philippines reports on the devastating typhoons. Two women rally against their health insurance companies. Spanking kids can lower their IQ. These are the top stories around the world.
Digital Journalists were hard at work reporting on-the-ground stories. Readers checked out KJ Mullins' timely two-part series on the average citizen battling health insurance giants, the first part found here and the second part here. They both come out a time when Americans are talking about health care, reminding us about the priorities of insurance companies and the people they serve.
Unemployment is striking many cities, but how is it affecting people in everyday communities? Carol Forsloff profiled a Portland resident to tell us his view on the changing city and the struggle for some foreigners to find jobs. Mike Rushman was also quite blunt with Carol, admitting he "earns less than $19/hour after 25 years with the Teamsters. This places him below the average worker's wage in the State of Oregon."
The National Hockey League season begins this week, and Torontonian Dustin Pollack captures the excitement in Ontario's capital by telling us about a hockey-themed celebration at Yonge-Dundas Square. Scroll through his pics in the photo widget to get a visual of the activities offered to Toronto hockey fans who were crossing their fingers for a winning season this year.
A selection of other notable stories include:
Philippines: Typhoon 'Ondoy' Death Toll Reaches 243 by Leo Reyes: One of's many Phillipines reporters explains the devastation wrecking havoc in Manila after a typhoon struck the area. There's word that the weather-beaten community will continue to face a harsh climate. We hope Leo stays safe, and thank him for this powerful contribution.
Manila: Tropical Storm
Tropical Storm "Ondoy" (Ketsana), Entrance to V. Mapa station partially submerged by floodwaters. According to the news report it was the heaviest rainfall since 1967.
Could a New Orleans Flood Be Coming to a City Near You? by Carol Forsloff: "Just as the hurricane season is underway, recent news brings concerns about levee protection. This is particularly true given the fact it has been found more than half the U.S. population lives in counties protected by levees." So begins a stunning and enlightening article on the levee protection (or lack thereof) surrounding many U.S. cities. Great intrepid in-person reporting, Carol.
Water shortage in Mexico City could echo the global water issue by Michael Krebs: Mexico's freshwater crisis isn't the only water issue facing the world today, as Michael Krebs explains. He writes, "While the immediate water shortage in Mexico City has been attributed to weather patterns in the Pacific Ocean, the issue of water scarcity is more reflective of an unsustainable population's demand pitted against an increasingly limited supply."
Clinton: 2010 elections won't be as bad as 1994 by Andrew Moran: Bill Clinton recently opines that the 2010 election won't be as painful for Democrats compared to the 1994 race. Also check out the article to find out what Bill says to the question of whether Hillary will run for prez in the next election.
Spanking children results in lower IQ by Kevin Jess: Parents, take note: spanking kids could make them dumber down the road. Why? As a researcher put it, "corporal punishment slows down the rate of development of mental ability."
Polanski Fate Debate Turning into Full-Blown Culture War by Johnny Simpson: One of the stronger opinion article focuses on the fate awaiting Roman Polanski, who has been arrested for an old case involving an alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl. Johnny catalogues the support and hate Polanski faces, offering many links to both perspectives. Very thorough and well-written.
Only video footage of Anne Frank released by Miriam Mannak: Video footage of Anne Frank - probably the only moving images of the famous diarist - has been released for the first time, as Miriam reports. Check out the above video to see a grainy glimpse of Frank leaning out the window. Stunning stuff.
The Top Blog Post of the Week
is awarded to 2Strident, for his cheeky yet thoughtful piece on atheism and Blasphemy Day (no joke). 2Strident isn't buying this day of blasphemy: "Random acts of blasphemy just seem petty and antagonistic to me and only serve to reinforce the notion that Atheists are vindictive, shrill, cold and hateful." Read the comments to see what other atheist supporters had to say about the issue.
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