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Women Have Sex For Fun, Money, Revenge and Self-Esteem

By KJ Mullins     Sep 30, 2009 in Health
When over 1,000 women were asked why they had sex researchers were given 237 different reasons for sexual motivation. It seems women have quite a few reasons to bump and grind.
The answers are the basis of the new book, Why Women Have Sex by Cindy Meston, a clinical psychologist, and David Buss, an evolutionary psychologist.
Meston and Buss went world-wide asking 1,006 women what reasons they had for having sex.
With 237 reasons the researchers found one that was not listed, love. That reason Meston says was people assumed the answer was obvious.
CNN reports:
"Many of the women were having sex purely because they wanted the experience, they wanted the adventure, they wanted to see what it was like to be with men of different ethnicities," Meston said. "Some women said they wanted more notches on the belt. They simply wanted to get rid of their virginity."
The research shows that women have sex for basically the same reasons men do. Some of the answers were altruistic according to Meston and yet others toes the line of evil.
AlterNet reports:
"Wanting to give someone a sexually transmitted infection," Meston said was a borderline evil reason listed as for having sex.
Most of those questioned have sex for the pure physical enjoyment of the act. Right under doing the monkey dance for pleasure comes romantic love.
According to the research that romantic notion is true for the 73 percent of Russian women and 63 percent of Japanese women in the survey. When it comes to the men in those nations romantic love isn't as big a deal. There are only 61 percent of Russian men and 41% of Japanese men admitting to being in love.
The survey also showed that some women are poaching men with their sexual desires. Then there is the pity party sex, giving a partner a little bit of happiness like giving a bowl of soup to a sick friend.
Some women have sex for the medical factors; relieving a headache or they could sleep or be more relaxed or ease their menstrual cramps.
Not all sex is wanted, some of the women said that they had sex because they had been raped or lied to.
The authors used real women's voices from a study conducted from June 2006 to April 2009 in the book. reports:
We do bring in men occasionally by way of contrast, but we wanted to focus exclusively on women so that the complexity of women’s sexual psychology was not given the short shrift, so to speak,” said Buss.
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