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Pet cemetery in Las Vegas could get a Carl's Jr. as neighbor

By Jay David Murphy     Sep 26, 2009 in Business
It's no Stephen King nightmare novel but a Las Vegas pet cemetery and some of its clients are upset about the possibility of a Carl's Jr. opening up next door.
It’s not a Stephen King novel but people are getting hot around the collar about a Carl’s Jr. purchasing and planning on building a restaurant next to a pet cemetery in Las Vegas.
On the Craig Road Pet Cemetery website they have issued a statement concerning this issue. Here is the statement in full:
“To all concerned about the vacant lot on the North West corner of Tenaya and Craig Road next to Craig Road Pet Cemetery:
In 2005, when the cemetery was sold to the new owners, the corner lot was parceled off and the lot was kept in the sellers (Mr. Clayton's) name. We would have liked to have purchased the lot but the asking price was too high at the time.
Now, the lot has been sold to a developer who is attempting to get the parcel rezoned from a RE (residential) to a C-1 (commercial) so they can put up a 24 hour Carl's Jr..
We want to get the word out to everyone that is concerned about this that we are adamantly apposed to rezoning the NW corner lot to C-1.
We have never owned that lot and want the zoning to remain RE. The community west of Tenaya was told it would never be rezoned for anything but residential.”
Channel 13 in Las Vegas in news story had this comment from a pet owner, Jerry Blackwell who has three cats laid to rest there, "Carl's Jr. can go anywhere they want except right there next to this pet cemetery. Can you imagine what might happen here in the dead of night with people drinking and cruising around and they see a place like this? Not good."
Aside from the potential jokes about Carl’s Jr., it’s plans to set up shop next to a pet cemetery, and the sensitivity of the owners of animals who feel that the eating of flesh is wrong, the issue here seems to be that Carl’s Jr. beat the owners of the pet cemetery to the punch in purchasing the property after land prices fell during the current economic climate in Las Vegas.
If you look at a map from Loopnet and business around the area you can clearly see it is a commercial area with businesses like McDonalds, next to a CVS Pharmacy (a building away from the cemetery) and a Jack-in-the-Box almost across the street from the pet cemetery.
This story could reach it’s conclusion on October 22 when the City of Las Vegas Planning Commission will consider changing the zoning from residential to commercial.
With the pet cemetery already being there (a commercial property) it should pass, since the cemetery is a business for making a money and a profit.
Two interesting things on the pet cemetery website. First, the advertisement of a state-of-the-art crematory that can provide private horse cremation. Second, it is a family owned cemetery that offers burial services, cremation, entombment, chapel, caskets, urns, and fancy memorial markers with your pets picture on them all for a price.
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