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Wayne Newton returns to the Vegas Strip at the Tropicana Special

By Jay David Murphy     Sep 24, 2009 in Entertainment
Wayne Newton will be back on the Las Vegas Strip with his new show at the Tropicana. "One More Time Before I Go," opens Oct. 14.
Running for six months, “Once Before I Go” starring Wayne Newton will be staged at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard.
During Newton's press conference that I attended Wednesday, he said he would be using some new technology that will make his dream possible (Auto Tune by live microphone). In the past, many complaints came out about his show, and many thought his voice was done.
Now at the Tropicana, the last standing hotel in Las Vegas of an era gone by, Newton is saying that his show will be mostly him, an orchestra, and an occasional drop in guest.
Insiders say it will be a challenge for him to put together an orchestra considering Newton's long-time battle with the local musicians' union. But considering the economy, there are a lot of hungry musicians in Vegas who have been displaced by DJ’s, canned music, and Cirque du Soleil. Newton should not have to many issues putting together a reasonable band considering the union is barely operating.
In an interview in the Los Angeles Times, the 67-year-old Newton commented about about the title of his show “Once before I Go” and the possibility of permanent retirement.
“I am considering it. I am leaving myself the option. But I can tell that this show has been so encompassing and time-consuming both mentally and physically, I would never want to do it again. So, this is the only time I can guarantee they will ever see this show, if anyone still wants to see Wayne Newton.”
Newton also spoke about his hoarse voice, saying, “I went to UCLA and did some tests. And, on a scale of 1-10 my vocal cords were burned to 9. So, it took me about two years to get back to where I could sing and didn’t sound (hoarse). It has been a uphill battle. But it has been won now.”
He commented on what he calls “Theatrical Technology,” in the interview, saying, “I am weaving in an autobiographical approach to the show, almost a Broadway approach.”
In the interview, it was asked if he would be integrating his tax issues into the show, to which he replied, “It is going to touch on them, because that is part of who I am too.”
During the press conference on Wednesday, Newton commented on another reason this might be his last show ever, saying, “I want to do some things with my daughter who’s at the age that demands a lot of attention. I have a beautiful wife and wonderful family…so I might want to slow down a little bit to accommodate those passions.”
During the press conference, Newton also said, “I have a total clean bill of health. I feel like a million bucks and I’m up for the challenge.”
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