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Parents Angry Over School Sex Change Assembly

By Kevin Jess     Sep 18, 2009 in Lifestyle
Parents are angry over an emergency school assembly held to tell children that a 12-year-old male pupil was having a sex change.
A 1000 student secondary school in south-east England called an emergency assembly when a male pupil, 12, showed up wearing a dress with long hair done up in ribbons and pigtails reports the Telegraph.
The boy is preparing to have a sex change operation and has had his name changed by deed poll to a girl's name.
Teachers called the assembly to explain the boy's transformation to confused students and told them that they must now treat him as a girl, reports the Mail.
In an interview with the Sun, the boy's mother said, 'We are committed to ensuring the best for our child. We are working with other agencies to ensure our child's welfare is protected."
Parents have reacted angrily and say the principal should have warned them before the school took it upon themselves to explain it to their children.
The parents say that they were unprepared for the inevitable questions from their children upon returning home from school and since the children don't understand, this could leave the child who is preparing to be a girl in a position where she could be bullied or taunted.
In an interview with Sky News, a spokesperson with the Gender Identity Research and Education Society said, "It is very unfortunate. The proper way would have been to train all staff before the term started, to work with the child's peer group and to prepare the teachers to be able to talk to the other pupils and their parents individually to answer their questions."
It had originally been hoped that the transformation would have gone unnoticed as the child was moving from a primary school to a secondary school but some of his former classmates noticed and told others who began to bully him and to ask, "Are you gay?"
This is when teachers decided to step in and hold the assembly.
The boy was not present at the assembly and has not returned to school since, as the boy's family have been threatened and are now under police protection.
German teenager Kim Petras was also born a boy, had hormone treatment from age 12 and a full sex change operation at 16. She is currently a teen pop singer in Germany and is studying fashion design in hopes of starting a career in the fashion industry. Kim is currently the world's youngest transexual.
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