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Las Vegas Metro undercover looking for drugs at Hard Rock Rehab

By Jay David Murphy     Sep 15, 2009 in Crime
Las Vegas Metro is continuing its undercover operations city wide at the swimming pool parties at casinos. The most famous party is Rehab, with its own reality show a the Hard Rock, has felt the sting of Metro.
As promised, Las Vegas Metro continues its pool sting operations on and off the Las Vegas Strip. This time it is at the Hard Rock Hotel and during its Rehab Sunday pool party.
Rehab is the pool party that really started the latest Las Vegas party craze, moving from late nights and early mornings at clubs to the hottest parties in town, the day-time swim fests around the pool.
In July, as reported here on Digital Journal right after the event and a follow-up last night, the Rio Hotel and Casino shut down their pool party co-sponsored by the strip club Sapphire.
On Sept. 9, it was the Hard Rock Casino's turn and have undercover officers put on their swim trunks and work Rehab, the Sunday pool party that now has its own reality show and has new episodes starting this month.
Eight people were arrested this time stemming from charges of prostitution and selling drugs.
The Hard Rock has released a statement to the press that this Digital Journalist was allowed to view before it was issued to the general press.
The Hard Rock is saying they have a "zero tolerance policy for the alleged illegal activities and that it’s unfortunate out of the nearly 6,000 people who enjoyed themselves that day at Rehab eight individuals engaged in conduct that resulted in their arrest."
The Hard Rock is of course taking this stance, knowing that this kind of activity is all too common at theirs and other parties that go on throughout the city.
Planet Hollywood so far is the only casino to get hit hard with a fine from the Nevada State Gaming Commission for $750,000 in the Prive nightclub bust that temporarily closed down the club. It has been issued a temporary liquor license and is back open.
This time there was only one arrest for soliciting prostitution by Nancy Nicole Veley. The rest were all more serious crimes involving the sale of drugs. According to the report:
Joshua Gilman, a 19-year-old man from New York, New York was arrested on two counts of sale of a controlled substance and possession.
Igor Alejandra Garrido, a 30-year-old man from Hayward California was arrested for conspiracy to violate the Uniform Controlled Substance Act.
Heather Erickson, a 21-year-old woman from Long Beach California was arrested for sale of a controlled substance.
Crystal Amlie Shields, a 22-year-old woman from Long Beach California was arrested for sale of a controlled substance and possession.
Roquito Rivera Santos, a 25-year-old man from Alemeda California was arrested for sale of a controlled substance and possession.
Robert Baldwin, a 27-year-old man New York was arrested for sale of a controlled substance.
And finally, Rajaa Farah 29-year-old man from San Leandro California was arrested for sale of a controlled substance.
On several television news casts over the last few days, Captain Zimmerman as said to TV news crews, “I think it would give our city a black eye. That’s why we are doing what we can because we know our lifeblood here is tourism.”
Unfortunately, Captain Zimmerman is a bit out of touch with the party crowd because it is the “party” atmosphere that is brings in what is now being termed by marketers as “party tourism.”
The crowds at parties like Rehab, Sapphire's topless-pool-party at the Rio, Wet Republic at the MGM, and others expect there to be drugs, alcohol, and sex. That is why Rehab gets 6,000 patrons on a Sunday afternoon and a new reality show to showcase the pool party at the Hard Rock.
Rehab has been going on for years, but this summer is the first time anything like this has happened with Metro targeting sting operations with this frequency and intensity.
The busts started a week after the World Poker Tournament, which takes place at the Rio Hotel and Casino, and has now claimed a third high-profile series of arrests at the Hard Rock.
Las Vegas Metro says there is more to come and expect undercover Nevada Gaming officers to be with them.
More sting operations at clubs and pools across the city will be closing this year’s pool season in Las Vegas.
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