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article imageCanadian government could fall as early as Friday

By Andrew Moran     Sep 13, 2009 in Politics
According to The Canadian Press' sources, the Conservative minority government of Canada could fall as early as Friday through a critical vote.
Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper will return at the end of the week from a visit to the United States and will come back just in time to meet the Governor General and discuss the nation's election.
Through a ways and means motion, the government would vote on the country's budget bill but, according to The Canadian Press, the vote could be the fuse to trigger an election. The motion would, per parliamentary rules, be voted on immediately, which will be introduced on September 18.
All parties have braced themselves for a November election. A recent Harris-Decima poll, reported by Digital Journal, shows the Conservative Party have a three point lead over the Liberals. Each party has begun their attack ads.
However, some party officials realize that Canadians are frustrated that every year the government must resort to elections instead of discussing and negotiating, “I really think that most people across the country are saying to themselves, can't these people talk and get something done on the important issues? I say to the Prime Minister again, that it's incumbent upon a prime minister in this country in a minority parliament to work with other parties,” said New Democrat Party leader Jack Layton in an interview with The Canadian Press.
Throughout the week, each party leader will deliver a speech to the Parliament outlining why their party is the better choice. Layton will tell the Parliament why his party is the only one that truly cares about the Canadian people, while Michael Ignatieff, Liberal leader, will deliver a speech to the Canadian Club about Canada’s place in the world and, according to one party official, will state why the Liberals can better manage the country’s economy.
The Conservatives will tell the general public that they are doing the government’s work and will also promise changes to the Employment Insurance, reports The Toronto Star.
Another blow to the Conservative Party last week was a video that was released to the media where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was discussing of wanting a majority, something he has never done during his tenure as leader of the Conservatives and the nation.
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