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article imageTopFinds: New 9/11 Footage Released, ACORN staff under fire

By David Silverberg     Sep 11, 2009 in Internet
Shocking new 9/11 footage released. The disappearance of B.C salmon. Hands-on with Windows Mobile 6.5. These are the top stories around the world.
One of the biggest news items centred around President Obama's speech to U.S. schoolchildren. Right-leaning Americans wondered if he would infuse the speech with a political agenda. Some parents refused to let their children hear Obama speak. Digital Journalist Kay Matthews tackles this issue by interviewing parents, teachers and principals about their reactions to Obama's address, offering a nice variety of perspectives. The opinions in the article range as much as the commenters on who couldn't help offering their own insight into the speech.
Jay David Murphy is a hard-working journalist who loves getting scoops. He definitely hooks us with a hot story about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's views on health care and religion in a conference call co-starring several members of prominent Nevada clergymen. Murphy was one of the few reporters invited to this exclusive chat. It's illuminating to learn about Reid's passion for the Bible, his reaction to a Newsweek article on health care and the rise of Medicare. Nicely done, Jay.
Protest to release Dr. Malachi K. York in Toronto
Protest to release Dr. Malachi K. York in Toronto
Andrew Moran
Digital Journalist Andrew Moran writes two on-the-ground articles, one heavy and one light. He covers the protest regarding the imprisonment of Dr. Malachi K. York, a professor arrested on child molestation charges but activists believe he was given a "bogus trial". The photos Andrew snaps of the elaborate protests are particularly captivating. In his second post, Andrew takes us for a tour through classical architecture in downtown Toronto -- we see the front facade of the Hudson's Bay Company, the Archeological and Historical Site created by the Ministry of College and Universities and several old-school restaurants. It's enough to make you want to visit Toronto just for an architectural tour (well, and the city is hosting the Toronto International Film Festival now, too).
Interested to learn if Windows Mobile 6.5 is worth your tech time? Then check out Brenton Currie's comprehensive review of the new mobile OS, complete with screenshots. We won't give it away, but let's just say the good outweighs the bad.
Zachary Adam Cohen is the creator of Farm to Table: The Emerging American Meal  a reality-TV show ch...
Zachary Adam Cohen is the creator of Farm to Table: The Emerging American Meal, a reality-TV show chronicling the people, places and trends in America's local, sustainable food renaissance.
special permission by Zachary Cohen
What food maverick is ready for his TV spotlight? Zachary Cohen, according to KJ Mullins, who profiles the sustainable food advocate. He is hungry to bring his show Farm to Table to television, already in discussion with several networks. He says some poignant things during his interview with KJ, including, "We have lost so many farmers. This can't continue. It may work in other industries but not in food. We have to be sustainable." Would you watch his reality TV show if it came to a network near you?
In news, we have announced a major feature suggested by our fans and users: editing privileges for Digital Journalists. Now any Digital Journalist can suggest revision to articles by other writers, such as typos or missing words. See more on this crowdsourcing initiative here.
A selection of other notable stories include:
New 9/11 Video Released of WTC Attack: It's difficult for some to stomach, but on the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, new footage of the second plane slamming into the World Trade Center is a poignant reminder of how everything changed that fateful day. The article also goes on to explain the archival material found in the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, adding a quote saying, "9/11 was probably the most widely documented event in modern history."
First 9/11 lesson plan to be tested in New York, six states: In other 9/11 news, Andrew Moran tells us about a full 9/11 lesson plan to be tested on children in New York City and six other states. Do you think it's contentious or helpful for children to use Google Earth to locate global terrorist activity?
President Obama talking to students
President Obama and Secretary Duncan talk with 9th graders at Wakefield High School
White House Photo by Pete Souza
Controversy prompts Obama to issue text of school speech: As mentioned above, President Obama's address to U.S. students raised a furor across the country, prompting the president to issue the text of the speech. Read the text to find out if there's anything in there worth worrying about.
Pence requests background checks of all Obama 'czars': In light of the resignation of green jobs czar Van Jones, more questions abound over Obama's other "czars." Michael Krebs reports on leading House Republican Mike Pence asking for background checks on these White House appointees. Richard Bass can't help but comment: "Makes you wonder what other skeletons were yet to be uncovered in his myriad of closets."
ACORN staff filmed telling prostitutes how to cheat on taxes: Remember ACORN, the community-based organization helping out Obama supporters? Now they are in the headlines again for supposedly advising a fake prostitute and pimp on how to file their taxes, as Patrick McMahon reports. There's video evidence to check out, but also read ACORN's response to what they call "gotcha journalism."
Loss of BC Salmon provokes calls to scrap fish farms: "This year's sockeye salmon run was notable for its lack of salmon." This first line reeled you in (har har) to Stephanie Dearing's intriguing article about the British Columbia salmon industry facing $1.6 billion in losses. Barely 6 per cent of the expected fish returned to spawn this year, Dearing notes. She adds: "One theory favoured in the attempt to understand why millions of salmon did not return is that lice from fish farms have severely affected the wild salmon. Another favoured theory is overfishing."
Greyhound Canada 1306 Greyline
A Greyhound Canada bus.
Greyhound eyes reducing more service in parts of British Columbia: If you travel by Greyhound in Canada, this is troubling news: the bus company says that it is cutting service in northern Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia. We also learn about the company's history and its sell-off to Laidlaw Inc.
Humorist Garrison Keillor hospitalized after suffering stroke: New Digital Journal Richard Mccallum makes a splash with his highly-trafficked article on Keillor suffering a stroke. The humourist best known for Prairie Home Companion on NPR is in stable condition in St. Paul, Minnesota, we learn. Looking forward to more news from Mccallum's pen. We mean, keyboard.
For men's eyes only: boob-ogling good as 30 minutes in gym: In some light and jiggly news, Sandy Sand tell us about the health benefits of staring at breasts. No joke. German scientists found that ogling boobs for 10 minutes a day helped men stave off heart disease and high blood pressure. This Tom-peepery is as beneficial as 30 minutes of aerobics exercise! Ezra jokes, "So when my significant other gets mad at me for ogling breasts can I tell her that she need to stop killing me?"

TopFinds Awards

The honourees of this week's TopFinds Awards attracted impressive attention and widest readership. Digital Journal thanks the following Digital Journalists with Awards for their passion for covering the top issues of the day: KJ Mullins, Patrick McMahon, Jay David Murphy, Kay Matthews, Richard Mccallum, Brenton Currie, Kevin Jess, Stephanie Dearing, Sandy Sand, Michael Krebs, Carolyn E. Price, and Andrew Moran.
The Top Blog Post of the Week goes to Carolyn E. Price for a very timely piece about the cost of universal health care. She points out how disingenuous it is to "have a debate on whether or not a country should adopt so-called free, universal health care without trying to fully understand the fiscal side." Nothing like a well-written blog to spark a healthy debate with even our programming genius Alex Chumak chiming in.
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