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article imageCinnamon oil seen as beneficial against hard-to-kill bacteria

By Michael Krebs     Sep 7, 2009 in Health
With drug- resistant bacterial infections on the rise in hospitals around the world, cinnamon oil is proving to be an effective agent in killing the otherwise hard-to-eliminate species.
There are many species of bacteria that have evolved a stubborn resistance to our most promising antibiotics - and they have found abundant homes in our surgery corridors and our nurseries and in our cancer wards and emergency rooms. Some of the more persistent animals have made household names for themselves - such as streptococcus and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA - as they have made their way into schools and into nursing homes.
Given the remarkable suffering caused by these bacteria, it is little wonder that we have become more phobic when it comes to germs - readily traveling with sanitary wipes and antibacterial soaps and hand gels. Now it appears that a new weapon can be added to the arsenal - cinnamon oil.
Researchers citing studies by surgeons and by French scientists are beginning to recommend that sanitizers be manufactured with cinnamon oil bases. They are suggesting the usage of cinnamon oils to help prevent the rise of antibacterial resistance among these bacteria species, saying that many of the products currently offered actually contribute to resistance.
While some people are allergic to cinnamon oil, it is an otherwise safe and abundant source in helping disrupt and eliminate future bacterial infections.
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