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article imageVan Jones Resigns From Czar Post

By Johnny Simpson     Sep 6, 2009 in Politics
Van Jones, President Obama's 'green jobs' czar, has resigned his White House post amid controversial statements in his past, exposed primarily by FOX talk show host Glenn Beck and the Gateway Pundit blog.
From mywaynews via Drudge comes the shocker that President Obama's embattled 'green jobs' czar, Van Jones, has resigned his White House post amid swirling and growing controversies over Mr. Jones' past statements and associations. Videos of Mr. Jones' calling Republicans "a**holes" and associating with or espousing radical far left and Communist causes have gone viral. Mr. Jones blamed "lies and a vicious smear campaign" against him for his quitting.
On Thursday, Mr. Jones issued an apology for past controversial statements, which included accusations of white polluters and white environmentalists "steering poisons into minority communities." However, more damning materials and revelations since that apology, such as the discovery of Mr. Van Jones' financing, producing and appearing in a radical anti-war, anti-American 2003 CD hosted by convicted cop killer Mumia abu-Jamal, titled "Wartimes: Reports From The Opposition," only added fuel to the fire. Congressional reps had already begun demanding hearings and calling for Mr. Jones' resignation.
This very public battle over Mr. Jones' background and controversial statements fell along clear ideological lines. The Huffington Post, as well as many others in the Lefty blogosphere and the mainstream media, sided with Van Jones. The NAACP issued a glowing statement in support of Jones only yesterday, further calling detractors of Mr. Jones such as Glenn Beck "right wing extremists." Conservatives have been equally adamant in not letting Jones off the hook, digging up every piece of ideological dirt on him they could find. Both Glenn Beck and the Gateway Pundit blog have been relentless in their exposing and condemnation of Mr. Jones. It would seem, given the outcome, that this is a war Glenn Beck has won.
UPDATE: John Hill of the Defend Glenn website has issued a statement on Van Jones' resignation was created as a response to the Color For Change-driven boycott of Mr. Beck's show. Gateway Pundit, Byron York and Michelle Malkin all have wrap-ups on the Van Jones story.
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