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article imageWhat people lie about the most and how we do it

By Andrew Moran     Sep 5, 2009 in Lifestyle
Most studies conclude that men and women lie equally but how, why and what they lie about is quite different from the two genders.
According to Dennis Reina, author of Trust & Betrayal in the Workplace, in an interview with Forbes, men tend to lie to gain employment, professional and career status, while women tend to lie for social status. In the workplace, while men try to conduct figures and statistics, women are stirring up office gossip. However, that it is not a good thing, according to Reina, 'Gossip within the office is the No. 1 killer of communication, trust and teamwork.'
Techniques among opposite genders also vary, says Dr. Craig Fabrikant, a psychologist at the Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. Men are more blatant about lying, 'If you ask him if he went to the track last night, he'll say, 'Absolutely not. I wasn't anywhere near the track.' Women tend to tip toe around their lies, 'They might admit they went to the mall, but be more coy about who they were with.'
Detecting a lie is also different among the two groups. Men will lie straight to the woman’s face but a woman will tend to look away. Men will mumble but women will speak at a rapid pace.
With the current financial crisis, do both genders lie less, more or equal? Well actually, they both tend to fabricate their financial mismanagement but, once again, to a different degree. Men will lie about their bad investments while women misrepresent their spending habits.
What we lie about tend to be the same among males and females, states Bella DePaulo, a professor of psychology at UC Santa Barbara, who has been studying deception for more than three decades. Her research has shown that there are two categories for lying: self-serving lies and altruistic lies.
The former being lies that may make them look better and the latter being lies to spare someone’s feelings. Her research further shows that men and women tell self-serving lies twice the amount as altruistic lies, ‘Sometimes telling the truth clashes with something else we value more in that moment, like friendship or loyalty.’
Forbes also published ’11 ways to sniff out a liar’ and they are:
Imprecise pronouns
Nervousness (shifty eyes, higher vocal pitch, perspiration and heavier breathing)
The Reid Technique
Using the telephone to lie
Sparse Specifics
Lack of Cooperation
The Need to be Right
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