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article imageTopFinds: Clinton speaks from the heart, frog guts in Pepsi can

By David Silverberg     Sep 4, 2009 in Internet
Bill Clintons talks health care in Toronto. A Russian professor predicts the U.S. economical collapse. How tick saliva can fight cancerous tumors. These are the top stories around the world.
When Bill Clinton comes to town, the world takes notice. Digital Journalist KJ Mullins got accredited to cover Clinton's talk in Toronto, covering his main talking points and the intriguing Q&A session. Clinton dishes out some noteworthy quotes and KJ captures it all succinctly. Also check out her photos of more than just Clinton's mug, including pics of the Toronto crowd.
From an ex-president to the current U.S. leader, Kay Matthews does some impressive legwork to find out how parents and teachers are reacting to President Obama's upcoming national address to all American students on Sept. 8. We learn about parent Brenda Wyatt who is upset at the many critiques levied at Obama, and a middle school teacher admits her school has received many calls from concerned parents. What do you think about this contentious issue?
Stephanie Burke 17
Stephanie Burke 17,
Robin Burke
When a child goes missing, sometimes the media steps in to alert the public. Amanda Mueller reports on 17-year-old Stephanie Burke who is suspected of running away with a boyfriend few people know. Interviewing the mother offers explicit details of Stephanie's frame of mind and possible whereabouts, although her family is still pleading for public help. It's a heartbreaking story deserving attention.
Study Shows Handwriting Analysis Valuable in Detecting Deception. So begins Carol Forsloff's comprehensive article on how your signature can reveal more about you think you think. She interviews handwriting analysts to teach us about "deceptive sentences" and personality tests such as Cattell’s 16pf. Nothing like a bit of education to break up the current affairs peppering
In the Department of Ewww comes Kevin Jess's article on a man finding the remains of the frog in a Diet Pepsi can. Yes, that's as gross as it sounds. Read the stomach-churning article to find out why the man and his wife are considering their legal options and why they're offended by Pepsi's lack of apology. And check out the image, if you dare.
A selection of other notable stories include:
Russian Professor: Collapse of America could begin in two months: It's an outspoken statement, but one that deserves attention -"the collapse of the dollar and the US is inevitable." So proclaims Russian Professor Igor Panarin, who has other dystopic views of the American future, as Andrew Moran reports: the US separating into four parts, and Japan's new leadership will snub the US dollar and transfer Japan’s monetary reserves to another currency. Do you agree with Panarin's predictions?
Family, friends, and colleagues pay final tribute to Ted Kennedy: In the wake of Ted Kennedy's death, supporters and colleagues came out in droves to say one final goodbye. As Patrick McMahon reported, "Both of Ted Kennedy's sons, Ted Kennedy Jr. and Patrick, gave emotional speeches about their father, each of them receiving a standing ovation."
Fire Forces Evacuations In Auburn, California: Digital Journalist Gar Swaffar offers readers updated news on the blaze sweeping across California, including containment percentages. It's also illuminating to hear what Jay David Murphy says about the smoke sweeping across his hometown in Nevada.
White House Plans to Collect Data from Social Networking Sites: Should the feds scour Facebook and Flickr for freely available data about Americans? Samantha Torrence explores this idea in an insightful article about the White House plans to archive data from social network websites. Commenters are up in arms about the plan, with Gary Brown saying: "If we blindly continue to support the government assuming more power, it won't be too long before the Constitution will be only words, not a blue-print for governing."
Tests show 'Alien baby' not human, creature unknown to scientists: One of the more popular stories on probes a possible non-human (alien?) creature discovered in Mexico. Digital Journalist Paul Wallis is skeptical about the findings, writing: "Let’s see this thing under independent examination, by people who can spell DNA without cheating." Is this odd-looking creature an alien or a mammal hybrid? A hoax or a clue to something out-of-this-world?
Chicao  Ill. Walmart Store
Walmart store
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
'People of Walmart' Pokes Fun at Nova Scotia Shopper: Poor Wal-Mart customers. Being a butt-end of a joke could be hurtful, as they might learn when they check out the 'People of Walmart' website, describing Wal-Mart shoppers as ugly, creepy and "hicks." As expected, the article sparked a furor in the comment section, so pipe in to add your two cents on the website and Wal-Mart's reputation.
Tick saliva could hold cancer cure: It sounds like a humourous headline, but the implication is significant -- saliva from tick insects can kill tumorous cells, Andrew Moran finds out. But don't hold your breath because patenting this innovation for medicine can take years.
Gmail Down in Massive Service Outage: It's as if a blackout blanketed the tech world. Google's Gmail service went down for under an hour recently, sparking bewilderment and panic on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Chris Rowson keeps readers updated on what caused the crash, fielding comments from people on how they dealt with this mini email crisis.
Radiation Toxicity Reduced With Red Wine: Nothing like more good news for wine drinkers to keep those bottle uncorked. Summer Banks alerts us to research concluding drinking red wine helps those dealing with radiation toxicity. According to the expert, "If wine can prevent (radiation)-induced also has the potential to enhance the therapeutic benefit."
Epitaph for a Mob Boss, Gennaro "Jerry" Angiulo Dead at 90: This story is under the radar at most media outlets, but Johnny Simpson gives it the 2,000-word treatment to teach readers about a notorious Mob boss. Gennaro Angiulo died recently, and Simpson tells us what crimes he's been convicted of and his links to other Mafia families. Great job, Johnny!
American Idol s Adam Lambert
American Idol's Adam Lambert
flickR helen
Adam Lambert's New Album 'halfway done': In entertainment news, Kevin Jess reports on American Idol singer Adam Lambert and how his album is progressing. Rumor has it the record will come out Nov. 17 in the U.S. Is this something you'll grab or ignore?

TopFinds Awards

The honourees of this week's TopFinds Awards attracted impressive attention and widest readership. Digital Journal thanks the following Digital Journalists with Awards for their passion for covering the top issues of the day: KJ Mullins, Patrick McMahon, Samantha A. Torrence, Kay Matthews, Carol Forsloff, Brenton Currie, Kevin Jess, Johnny Simpson, Chris Rowson, Summer Banks, Samantha A Torrence, Amanda Mueller, 2Strident, Gar Swaffar, and Andrew Moran.
The Top Blog Post of the Week is awarded to 2Strident for a thought-provoking piece about "blasphemy legislation" proposed in the Irish Parliament. We learn that Ireland may fine people up to $39,000 for publishing or saying "matter that is (intentionally meant to be) grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion." Nothing like an odd news item to spark a debate in the comment section.
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