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article imageMr. Media Radio, Bill Tush, cable TV host, WTBS SuperStation Special

By Bob Andelman     Aug 31, 2009 in Entertainment
You kids today think you’ve got it made, what with hundreds of cable TV channels, each one focused on a narrow genre like death and destruction, Herpes, and funny things you can do with string.
But back when I was in college there were only three cable channels that mattered and they were the superstations: New York’s WOR, Chicago’s WGN and Atlanta’s WTBS.
Those were golden days, my friends, and not because we could watch the New York Mets, Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves to our heart’s content. And frankly, you could toss out the first two superstations. For my money, the only one that mattered back then was the one whose signature star was a scrawny guy with a mustache named Bill Tush.
AUDIO EXCERPT: “When Ted bought the Braves, we got a memo that we had to cut the news budget in half. So I cancelled the morning newspaper. I remember when we started CNN, Ted said, ‘We’re going to put the newspapers out of business.’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s gonna happen.’” Sonuvagun, 30 years later, it’s happened.”
Tush was the reason the college kids tuned in, because late at night, here was MC Crazy and anything went.
It is my pleasure to welcome to Mr. Media a guy who made college a whole lot more tolerable and entertaining for my generation, Mr. Bill Tush.
You can LISTEN to this interview with CNN and WTBS cable TV personality BILL TUSH by clicking the audio player above!
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