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article imageIs a District 9 sequel possible?

By Andrew Moran     Aug 30, 2009 in Entertainment
Could a District 9 sequel happen? Audiences everywhere would certainly hope so because of all the themes, characters and stories that have endless possibilities. Will Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson do it?
Any fan of the recent ‘District 9’ film would concur that a sequel is needed and inevitable because of where it ended, the social commentary and if mankind would repent for its sins against another alien civilization.
In the film, audiences are shown the ‘prawns’ relocate from district 9 to another camp, which, as mentioned by the film’s main character, Wikus Van De Merwe, played by Sharlto Copley, is worse than the original area.
Throughout the picture, audiences are shown cruel punishment by humans against the extraterrestrials because they are different and have weapons that Earth does not have. Whether it’s the Nigerian rebel groups selling them fraudulent cat food or government experimentation on the aliens in order to understand their weapons capability.
District 9 is a perfect representation of what could possibly happen if another life form lands on planet Earth; bleed them dry and advance our technological programs instead of understanding their way of life.
Many themes are given in District 9 such as treatment oil illegal immigrants and racism as one of the South African soldiers portrays. As the metamorphosis of the main character into an alien-being, the military man calls him a “half-breed.” Of course, do not forget that they care called “Prawns” instead of just alien species.
It is truly terrifying what governments, and humanity itself, are immorally capable of. Before witnessing this motion picture, one would grasp that an alien life form visitation to this planet would somehow bring humanity all together but District 9 squashes that hope.
Also viewers want to know if Christopher Johnson, the lead character of the aliens, will return to Earth to help Wilkus transform back to a human as he promised, which would take three years. Or will he just come back to exterminate the planet for our reprehensible actions against his species.
If one hates humanity and wants them punished for their harsh treatment of the aliens then this needs a sequel. The director of District 9 Neill Blomkamp said in an interview prior to the film’s release, ‘If this film is successful, if audiences want another, whatever, District 10, I would love to do it. It’s a very personal film, and it’s a universe and a place that I find incredibly creative. I’d love to go back to that universe.’
A sequel would definitely earn a lot of money as did the first and with a bigger budget. District 9 earned its entire budget back, $30 million, in one weekend. Only time will tell if Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson will create an epic sequel, or series for that matter.
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