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article imageOp-Ed: Protester Derangement Syndrome

By Johnny Simpson     Aug 30, 2009 in Politics
Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH), who referred to protesters as "teabaggers," had a retired cop escorted from her town hall for questioning the residency of SEIU members there. This is just the tip of a much larger iceberg into which USS LibDem is sailing.
During the Bush administration, left wing activists were often referred to as "tinfoil hats" for their wild conspiracy theories such as 9/11 Truth and Blood for Oil, often driven by outright hatred of President Bush and his policies, the Iraq War in particular.
Strangely enough, the Left embraced that moniker. Markos Moulitsas of the Daily KOS, a far left website and one of the most popular on the Internet, even began holding Tinfoil Hat Conventions, where attendees wore real tinfoil hats in solidarity.
Those conventions became highly popular among liberal Democrats and left wing political activists. Though Moulitsas himself is a very controversial figure, having propagated the wildest conspiracy theories on his website, and having once said "screw 'em" of four contractors who were murdered in Fallujah and their bodies desecrated, all that did not keep top liberal Democrats from attending.
Sen. Harry Reid was the keynote speaker in 2006. Sen. Dick Durbin addressed that convention by satellite phone. Then-Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama also pandered to the KOS tinfoil hat crowd during their campaigns.
How much has changed since the liberal Democrat sweeps of the White House and Congress. To a person, all of those Democrat politicians and left wing activists have turned away from the Dissent Is Patriotic meme, and have now turned their boundless wrath upon those who protest their pet policies.
Dissenters are no longer patriotic as they once were. They are now "teabaggers," a crude sexual connotation involving oral attention to the scrotum. To date, protesters of ObamaCare and other liberal Democrat policies have not embraced that moniker as the Left embraced the tinfoil hat brand. Who would? Point being, it would seem liberal Democrats and the Left now despise all protesters with the same fury with which they once hated Bush. In that respect, Bush Derangement Syndrome seems to have now mutated into Protester Derangement Syndrome. Same old Lefty rage. Only the targets have changed.
This demonization of protesters as mindless corporate-paid birther fringe Nazi stooge ball suckers all began with the April 15 Tea Parties, organized nationwide in opposition to the $700B bailout bill and other proposed big liberal tax-and-spend plans. This rank denigration of policy protesters was endorsed in full not only by the Mainstream Media but by liberal Democrats in Congress, who added to the slandering of Tea Party protesters as swastika-waving Nazis, GOP shills, corporate-paid stooges, even KKK-like racists.
This kind of heated ideological tarring and feathering of political opponents is nothing new in American politics. It is in fact a tradition. In 1804, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr took their political animosity to the level of a duel. Hamilton died of his wounds the next day. In those rough-and-tumble early days of Congress there were many other instances of politics-driven violence, including brawls on the Senate floor.
Yet those incidents always took place between Congressional reps or senators. I know of no instances where an American politician brawled or dueled with a constituent. And therein lies the rub. The twist today is the degree to which liberal Democrat Congressional representatives, and even the White House, have turned on their own constituents in a frothing rage, demonizing them in no less egregious a manner than that with which Ahmadinejad and Chavez now brand all their political opponents as enemies of the state.
Even worse than the political demonizing of Tea Party and ObamaCare protesters is the willingness of liberal Democrats to bus in to town hall meetings armies of SEIU Purpleshirt thugs, most from outside the districts where the town halls are taking place, to pack those meetings with sympathetic plants, or to "get in their faces and punch back twice as hard" vis-a-vis local protesters attending the meetings. Or requesting that dissenting opinions on ObamaCare be forwarded to the White House. None of this is really news.
But yesterday, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) went to the extraordinary length of having retired NYPD officer Carl Tomanelli, now living in her district, escorted out of her town hall meeting merely for questioning the residency of uniformed SEIU members present. Many protesters who attended pointed out all of the out-of-state license plates in the Manchester parking lot. The great irony here is, prior to Ms. Shea-Porter's election to Congress, she often disrupted the town hall meetings of her predecessor, former Republican Rep. Jeb Bradley, with anti-war tirades and wild accusations against Bradley himself. Now it seems the worm has turned for Ms. Shea-Porter, as it has for so many other Lefties and liberal Democrats these days.
Where once loud shouting and disrupting of town halls over the Iraq War and other heated political issues were God-given rights, now town hall attendees can't even question the district residency of bused-in union members without being hauled off by the cops. If this situation represents in microcosm the current state of our Liberal Democrat-led democracy, it is in sad shape indeed. The real danger here for the healthy processes of American democracy is that elected government officials, along with their willing media lapdogs like Ariana Huffington, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Olbermann, are now all rabid ideological adversaries of any citizens who stand in their way. Just as it is in Iran, China and Venezuela.
Congressional Democrats have even taken action to suppress and intimidate Americans who have real concerns about the direction of our country and voice them loudly, be it the constant frat house-like teabagging references, the vague DHS RWE report that essentially covers the GOP platform, and the violence now being instigated against noisy protesters by SEIU Purpleshirt thugs, violence that never occurred until they started appearing on the scenes by the busload. Curiously, no one in government or the mainstream media are talking about how much SEIU and others have to gain with the ObamaCare bill.
Why else would SEIU President Andy Stern warn liberal Democrats they risk losing their supermajorities in Congress if they don't pass ObamaCare? Because he's so concerned about Americans not getting the health care they need? How about the hundreds of thousands of potential permanent union jobs that would be created under a government-run ObamaCare program? No money there? But we won't talk about that. I'm just a racist redneck teabagger after all, right? What possible just or honest motives could I have?
It would behoove members of Congress, the press, and even the White House to seriously reconsider their hostile approach to the millions of Americans who have serious concerns about expanding government programs like ObamaCare and Cap-and-Trade, and the possible trillions in new taxes, fees and surcharges to pay for them all while America is suffering its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.
The latest Rasmussen poll shows 57% of Americans would vote out every member of Congress were elections held today, including 70% of critical Independents. Should LibDems' hostile patterns of behavior continue toward the millions of concerned citizens protesting their policies, I only see those numbers rising.
Former President Bill Clinton, speaking recently at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, told his audience that "we must embrace the common humanity of each and every citizen of this world." Perhaps his words would be better directed at liberal Democrats in Congress and the White House. It is long past time for them to look carefully at why it is millions of Americans are in revolt, as opposed to declaring them enemies of the state and unleashing their own hordes of corporate-paid Brownshirt-like stooges on them. Their Protester Derangement Syndrome can lead to no good end. King George III found that out in a hurry.
Words to the Wise. If there are any wise liberal politicians left in DC. Not looking too good right now. Lastly, given the insane derangement of liberal Democrats and the Left over Bush, Palin, Carrie Prejean, Joe The Plumber, and now ObamaCare and Tea Party protesters, maybe chill pills should be put at the top of the ObamaCare prescription drug priority list. Their feverish, irrational and intolerant behavior could not be more destructive, both to themselves and the long-hallowed tradition of civil political discourse in America.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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