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article imageCounter-Protest at Pro Obama Rally in Denver Special

By David E. Owen     Aug 28, 2009 in Politics
At an event sponsored by Organization For America, about 500 people supporting Obama’s health care plan converged at North High School in Denver for a rally.
The event took place on 08/28/2009. As the event was about to get under way, left wing organizers advised people that they could not bring signs onto the grounds of the parking lot where the event was being held. It allegedly did not matter if the signs were supporting or opposing the proposal.
When walking into the parking lot where the event was to be held, local community organizers would tell everyone they have to sign in with their name and address. One lady scoffed and just kept walking forward. When they stopped me and told me to sign in, I took the pen wrote “Bob” on the sign in sheet and kept going.
As we got further in, they took the signs away from people. But when one looked around, a lot of people were holding signs supporting Obama. The signs read “Thank you” and “Health insurance reform now.” At the event they yelled chants like “What do we want? Health care! When do we want it? Now!”
Meanwhile, on the outer perimeter of the high school, locals who are opposed to Obama’s plan held signs protesting the proposals. Cars would pass by and honk in support of the people opposing the plan. Occasionally there would be supporters who would argue the theories of socialism vs. capitalism. On one occasion an Obama supporter came by, ripped a sign out of a woman’s hands and hit her. The locals in this group chanted “We don’t want Obama care. Because it aint free and it aint fair!”
In the process of both sides debating one another, the Obama supporters failed to explain how the system will work if there is no financial funding for more doctors and medical specialists.
While there are assertions that the Republicans in Congress have not provided solutions legislatively, Senator DeMint of South Carolina has introduced S. 1875. This bill amends the Internal Revenue Code for the purposes of giving people a tax credit for having certain kinds of medical insurance. There is a section in the bill that also repeals the alternative minimum tax. As of 07/25/09, this bill was referred to the Senate Finance Committee. The Congressional Research Service summary reports that the bill also allows uninsured individuals a tax credit for a limited amount of their insurance costs.
Senator DeMint has also introduced a bill requiring people with non immigrant Z visas to carry health insurance. A Z visa is basically a work visa that a person from a foreign country carries when they come to the United States to work. This was S. AMDT 1197 to S. 1348. Basically it was an amendment to an immigration reform bill. This amendment was rejected in committee on 06/07/07.
The details of both pieces of legislation can be found on the Senators web site.
Obamacare protest in Denver
Obamacare protest in Denver
David Owen
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