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Rush Limbaugh Making Big News On Kennedy, Beck, FCC

By Johnny Simpson     Aug 27, 2009 in Politics
Rush Limbaugh said of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, "He was the Lion of the Senate, and we were his prey." Then Mr. Limbaugh appeared with Glenn Beck on FOX to sky-high ratings. Now Newsmax reports that a new FCC Chair called on liberals to go after Rush.
Whether you love him or hate him, Rush Limbaugh is a powerful and influential force on conservative talk radio that cannot be denied. In the wake of Sen. Ted Kennedy's death from brain cancer, Mr. Limbaugh stated on his show, "Ted Kennedy was the Lion of the Senate, and we were his prey." Mr. Limbaugh added, "I'm a little uncomfortable going after Ted Kennedy today on matters of politics," then took a number of calls from listeners who weren't so shy.
That statement about Ted Kennedy generated a lot of news attention and heated responses from the Left. The Left-leaning George Soros-funded Media Matters, which is dedicated to countering conservative pundits and positions in the news, wasted no time in posting the video "The Two Minutes Hate: Limbaugh's Attacks on Kennedy." Liberal pundits at the Huffington Post are also laying into Rush on HuffPo's main Ted Kennedy page.
In other Rush-related headline news, Mr. Limbaugh joined FOX conservative pundit Glenn Beck on Mr. Beck's show on August 26th to discuss what they consider dire threats the Obama administration poses to talk radio, most particularly 'backdoor' efforts by the FCC's Diversity board to "stifle talk radio," which include 100% funding of proposed "progressive" and minority radio shows to be paid for from the profits of existing radio shows like Limbaugh's and Beck's.
Radio talk shows like Rush Limbaugh's and Sean Hannity's, two of the most popular on the airwaves, would bear the brunt of those costs and be hardest hit. Rush also commented that those backdoor efforts, which include local "diversity" boards to monitor and make recommendations on content in talk radio, have been pursued by Obama's FCC due to unpopularity of the Fairness Doctrine bill languishing in Congress.
That Glenn Beck show earned unheard of ratings for its time slot, 5:00PM, and beat all cable ratings for the day with over 3,000,000 viewers, even beating out the usual cable ratings-topping Bill O'Reilly Show in the 8:00PM primetime slot on FOX. A link to that story from is now headlining Drudge. That Sarah Palin called on her supporters to watch it may have played a big role in its ratings success.
In related Rush news, the Newsmax and CNS News websites reported that Mr. Mark Lloyd, now the FCC's 'Diversity' Chair, wrote a report in 2007 titled "Media Maneuvers: Why The Rush To Cross-Ownership Bans?" for the Center For American Progress, a popular liberal think tank promoting "progressive" values, telling his readers that "media moguls" like Murdoch and Limbaugh need to be challenged by liberals and progressives on every front. Mr. Lloyd, who is now actively pursuing those 'backdoor measures' Rush Limbaugh and Glenn beck addressed on Mr. Beck's show, closed out his 2007 report with this statement:
Will progressives sound like FDR and commit to creating media policy that actually serves democracy and promotes diverse and antagonistic sources of news?
Mr. Lloyd was criticized by both Rush and Glenn Beck on that show for his apparent praising of Hugo Chavez' stifling clampdown on the media in Venezuela as an effective means of government regulation.
Though the debate rages over whether talk radio is a conservative empire that needs breaking up, or is in fact an "antagonistic" conservative source of news given the mainstream media's perceived liberal biases toward Obama and liberal Democrat policies, and what role the FCC should play in all this, one thing is for certain. For as long as that debate rages, Rush Limbaugh will no doubt be at the eye of that political hurricane, and the target of heated retorts from the Left, for as long as he remains on the air.
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