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article imageFrom Homeless to Haute Couture: One Girl’s American Dream

By M Dee Dubroff     Aug 26, 2009 in Lifestyle
No, this is not a Lifetime movie script, but rather the tale of a talented and courageous homeless woman determined to change her lot in life. Read her story and lift your spirits.
There was a Lifetime movie a few yeas back called “Homeless to Harvard,” which was based on a true story about one girl’s perseverance despite overwhelming odds to pursue an education. In similar fashion, according to news sources, a young homeless woman named Bri has just been awarded an internship working with Elle Magazine’s advice columnist, E. Jean. Her path to success was long and thorny but eventually victorious.
Earlier this year, Bri participated in an advice columnist competition, but she was unable to speak when it came time for the screen test. In her own words:
“I believe they were specifically looking for the Next Carrie Bradshaw. OK, I have to admit that I’ve never seen a single episode of Sex and the City. Yes, I’m a traitor to my gender.”
But rewards come in surprising packages because although she did not win the competition, the winner of which was awarded an internship at Elle Magazine, she wrote to E. Jean and pitched her “resume.”
“ Dear E. Jean: I’m currently homeless and living in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I’m educated, I have never done drugs, and I am not mentally ill. I have a strong employment history and am a career executive assistant. The instability sucks, but I’m rocking it as best as I can. Recently I stumbled across a job notice (a reality show casting call for executive assistants) and was intrigued enough to apply. It was a shot in the dark, and I assumed I’d never hear back. Surprise! I was called in this week! And I promptly bombed it. When I found out who was involved in the show I got kind of starstruck and completely froze up. My usual personality did not radiate. My question: How does one get another shot when one screws up a job interview? —Homeless, but Not Hopeless”
Her letter was published in the magazine with the following response:
“This is what you did with your letter: You knocked me out with your courage and spirit. I am therefore, Miss Not Hopeless, offering you a four-month internship……. If you accept this internship, you’ll telecommute to my East Coast mountain office one hour a day, six days a week. At the end of the four months, if you don’t have a job and an awesome place to live, I will become your intern.”
Bri begins on her path back to a normal life on September 1st.
Kudos to you, Bri and good luck!
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