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Alabama family feud details coming out

By Stephanie Dearing     Aug 25, 2009 in Crime
It appears that yesterday's all-out riot in a small American town, Marion Alabama, was the result of an escalation of a long-running dispute between two families.
According to a report from WUAV TV, at least eight people were arrested yesterday once police moved in to control the fight, which was a wild, out-of-control wild-cat melee involving at least 150 people, if not more.
The feud between the Moore and the Sawyer families erupted into violence on Sunday. The member of one family said their son was "jumped Sunday night after a basketball game." In a possible coincidence, also on Sunday night, the windows of a car belonging to a feuding family member were shot out. Somehow things carried on Monday morning outside the high school in Marion, which then carried over to the City Hall. As things brewed up, the trouble got bigger and bigger.
Only four police officers of the small town were on duty yesterday morning, and they were ill-equipped to deal with an all-out screaming melee. One report says that 7 other troopers responded to the call for help. Both Marion's Chief of Police and the Mayor were reported to have been hurt during the melee.
More details are expected to be released over the next few days and weeks.
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