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article imageIs Autism Linked to Genetically Modified Foods?

By Summer Banks     Aug 25, 2009 in Health
The Lyme Induced Autism Foundation (LIA) has posted a press release urging doctors to prescribe diets free from genetically modified foods. According to the LIA, these foods could pose a health threat to people with chronic illnesses.
The Lyme Induced Autism Foundation (LIA) supports patients with Lyme disease, autism and other chronic illnesses. In a press release posted on August 25, 2009, the foundation suggests doctors include education about genetically modified (GM) foods in their treatment of Lyme disease and autism. Little is known about the effect of GM foods on the compromised digestive system of people with chronic illnesses.
Genetically modified foods are created through the genetic mutation of known plant species. Before plants were genetically changed, selective breeding was used to increase the hardiness and yield of plants. If one species yielded larger crops and another resisted fungus, these plants were bred together until the perfect species was created. Today, researchers can change the genetic makeup of the plant using gene modification.
Autism affects the digestive system, immunity and the ability of the body to clear away toxins ingested in foods. Patients with autism may also suffer from food allergies to corn, soy and dairy. The LIA claims most corn and soy are grown as GM foods and cows are fed with GM grain. With testing, the foundation hopes a link between GM foods and the increase in chronic illnesses, like autism, could be found and eradicated.
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