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article imageMug Shots, the criminal's Face Book

By Jay David Murphy     Aug 22, 2009 in Crime
There's a new book of faces that sits on convenience store counter tops for a buck is now in Las Vegas and it is a phenomenon that is catching traction and criminals across the U.S.
There’s a new Face Book in Las Vegas it’s called Local Mug Shots and it has turned up in gas station convenience markets across the city. This new incarnation of a celebrity paper puts criminals on the front page and every page.
This tabloid of sort costs one dollar and is selling out across the city. This is a hot property is putting the “train wreck” in the hands of consumers.
It has categories, with 100’s of local mug shots that Max Cannon, publisher from Clearwater, Florida as been getting with the cooperation of local police.
The categories include: drug offenders, DUI people, missing children, violent criminals, recent arrests, sex offenders, and a page called’ Really Bad Girls’. It’s the old west equivalent of the Most Wanted posters that would hang out side the sheriff’s office with a bounty offered.
Its popularity dips into Americans sense of wanting to look into the world of the bad vicariously. It’s not any different than the celebrity tabloid fascination and now the bad guys are going to have a hard time hiding.
Nevada law enforcement provides the photos and publishing the names are public information and being published in accordance with Nevada Code Annotated Public Record and Information that is available to the public.
You can go to the Clark County web site and put in the names in the Clark County Detention Center on line for those who are incarcerated.
So far the publication is in 14 states. This latest incarnation in Nevada, with a huge supply of fugitives from the law, lurking in the shadows of the Vegas Strip, is already proving popular and with time and the public interest in seeing ‘train wrecks,’ this dollar counter paper could prove useful in capturing the wanted.
So the Old West wanted poster is now updated and the criminal Face Book is on convenience store counters all over Vegas.
In cities where it has appeared like Birmingham Alabama, Orlando Florida, Portland Oregon, Chattanooga Tennessee, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and others have already seen the different versions of this twice a month publication sell out.
When researching this on the Internet, each of the cities listed have all given press credible stories to the topic from television, newspapers, and radio.
Now it’s has appeared in Las Vegas and the Most Wanted poster is reborn courtesy of Max Cannon.
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