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Medics Condemn Homeopathic Treatments

By Jerry Kennard     Aug 21, 2009 in Health
The use of homeopathic treatments for conditions such as TB, Malaria and HIV has been condemned by experts concerned at its promotion in the developing world.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that reliance upon homeopathic treatments could put lives at risk. Medics from the UK and Africa wrote to the WHO complaining that the promotion of homeopathy is sometimes standing in the way of effective treatments.
The BBC News quotes Dr Robert Hagan, a researcher in biomolecular science at the University of St Andrews and a member of Voice of Young Science Network who contacted the WHO, as saying We need governments around the world to recognise the dangers of promoting homeopathy for life-threatening illnesses. We hope that by raising awareness of the WHO's position on homeopathy we will be supporting those people who are taking a stand against these potentially disastrous practices.
There is no objective evidence that homeopathy has any positive effect on some of the most virulent infections known to man. In some cases homeopathy has been recommended as a treatment for childhood diarrhoea. A spokesman for the WHO said Homeopathy does not focus on the treatment and prevention of dehydration - in total contradiction with the scientific basis and our recommendations for the management of diarrhoea.
It is generally recognised that conditions such as malaria, TB and childhood diarrhoea can have a high mortality rate if not treated quickly and effectively. Faced with poverty and lack of healthcare resources the promotion of homeopathy in some of the poorest areas in the world has been condemned. Dr. Nick Beeching, a specialist in infectious diseases at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, said it is irresponsible for a healthcare worker to promote the use of homeopathy in place of proven treatment for any life-threatening illness.
Over the years at least 200 clinical trials have attempted to evaluate the benefits of homeopathic treatments. Not one was able to provide any convincing evidence of its value.
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