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The Sequel to Da Vinci Code coming to bookstores next month

By KJ Mullins     Aug 18, 2009 in Entertainment
Dan Brown's newest offering, The Lost Symbol, has a print run of 6.5 million. That is one of the largest orders in the history of publishing but there could be a problem for bookstores, though.
Brown has announced that the e-book version of The Lost Symbol will also be ready to go on the same day, September 15.
With new technology like Kindle, Sony Reader and Apple Tablet E-books could be the wave of the future. It is thought that Brown's new novel will be an E-book turning point.
The Da Vinci Code broke sales records with tens of thousands of novels flying off store shelves week after week.
While many will want to be able to tote the latest book others may next try out the new ways of reading a book. Joel Rickett, editorial director of Penguin's Viking Books believes that the quality of the new products will be a factor with E-books becoming more popular reports The Telegraph.
Karolina Sutton, a literary agent though reminds people that electron books may have one feature that makes reading their favorite stories a problem, the power can run out.
The Telegraph quotes Sutton:
"Like any new technology it has its limitations. It's not fun to run out of power as the protagonist is about to reveal a deadly secret."
In the United States a third of authors already use E-books as a way to sell their stories. Millions of E-books are being sold on the Internet every year. People are starting to be able to make a living using this new medium to sell the novels.
Part of the popularity is the ease of publishing a book. In the past authors had to shop their manuscripts around, sometimes for years before a publisher would bit. Today an author can easily self publish their wares.
In fact E-books are becoming so popular that E-book piracy is picking up, a sure sign that the service is becoming one that consumers are there.
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