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article imageOp-Ed: Is Dr. Gates Telling The Truth About Death Threats?

By Johnny Simpson     Aug 16, 2009 in Crime
Dr. Gates has made some bizarre statements along with his recent bomb and death threat claims, including "dreaming of being arrested at the White House." Is he dreaming about death and bomb threats, too? After his dreamed-up racism, I want to see proof.
Dr. Gates Makes Claims of Death Threats After 'Beer Summit'
UPDATE: Here's the terse response from Harvard PD by Mr. Steven G. Catalano, Assistant Director for Strategic Planning and Analysis at HUPD, regarding my inquiry as to threats against Dr. Gates: "We are not going to confirm nor deny the existence of a threat against Dr. Gates." However, according to a source at Cambridge PD who looked into this for me, CPD has no official reports on any of these threats alleged by Dr. Gates. Keep that in mind as you read.
How I wished I'd never had to deal with the esteemed Harvard Black Studies Professor Skippy Gates again. But I must. Like his original wolf-cry of racism against Sgt. James F. Crowley of the Cambridge Police Department, which we know today was a total racial fraud, I now tend to have my doubts about anything the Good Professor Skippy says. Especially when he couches such mortal threat claims with the deranged fantasy of being arrested in the White House.
That sound bizarre to you? If Dr. Gates is lying about death and bomb threats as he lied about Sgt. James Crowley, it is but for one reason: to replay his "Black Man in America" victimhood scheme, and even throw down the race card again so he can transform himself from victimizer to victim. Who else would be emailing and threatening him but the Big Bad Whitey Wolves?
This is not an uncommon practice among left-wing racial grievance-mongers. One such individual attracting a lot of blogger attention now is Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Mr. Potok has been screaming for months of the rising racially-motivated threats against President Obama since last year, most recently and famously on ABC's piece, "White Hate Groups Thrive," in which Mr. Potok also tries to paint town hall protesters as extremists.
Yet a common thread that runs throughout all those Potok interviews since last year is this statement: "The President's daily threat matrix has yet to rise." Why not, if the threat is rising as exponentially as Mr. Potok claims? Where's the evidence? The Sweetness & Light and Newsbusters blogs would like to know, too. In fact, they're doing more than that. They're tearing Mr. Potok's claims apart piece by piece.
As to Dr. Gates' claims, bomb threats should be big news! No evacuations? No bomb-sniffing dogs and SWAT teams at his house? I mean Harvard's house? Can't find any active investigations on threats to Dr. Gates anywhere. Why not? All he talked about to the press was one single email that read, "You're a racist. You should die." Nobody has even seen that! Yet even "you should die" is a very long way from "i'M GoNNa KilL yA, SkiPPy!" There's a very big difference between telling people to go jump off a cliff, or that they SHOULD die, and promises of bloody murder. I've gotten worse than that at DJ and Big Hollywood!
Where's The Beef? If Dr. Gates is going to claim victimhood again, I want to see the evidence. He should be proud to put it on public display to prove his case. Right? I would be. Show us the emails! The letters! Post them on the web. Let us see date codes as to when they were received. HuffPo and KOS would post them in a heartbeat! But nothing on the FBI or DHS websites about mortal threats to Dr. Gates' life either.
Nothing in the CPD crime logs from July 21st, when the charges were dropped, to today. Checked 'em all. How about a redacted police report at least? If I seem harsh toward the Good Professor Skippy Gates, it is because he has earned it. No journalists worth their salt would take the word of a source that burned them without absolute proof. Did not Dr. Gates burn us all? Sgt. Crowley worst of all?
Why believe him now without proof? Are a few police records, or at least yes-or-no confirmation by any law enforcement agency involved in such an investigation (like Harvard PD, say), too much to ask? Especially given the claimant's reliability? Or lack thereof? I want to see proof from Harvard PD, the FBI, DHS, or CPD itself. Until I do, I have no reason to believe a defaming liar and professional victim, any more than I would a precocious child who insists on crying wolf where none can be found.
Like Tawana Brawley and Crystal Mangum, for example. Hmm. Curious. Why isn't anyone in the media asking these tough questions of Dr. Gates? Shy? Who in the Vein Stream Media has investigated even one of his wild claims? How about a simple question like, "Threats by whom, Sir?"
Good Night and Good Luck! I think we'll all need it.
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