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article imageOp-Ed: The Health Care Nazis Are Hearing Us

By David Zublick     Aug 16, 2009 in Politics
The health care fascists are getting an earful these days. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have called those who disagree with Barack Obama's plan to put us all under a single payer health care system "un-American".
Pelosi claims that swastikas have been worn at town hall meetings.
Yes, congress is getting an earful during their summer recess. The people have read the House bill and they are not pleased to say the least. They are taking their displeasure to their senators and representatives. The politicians, who have not taken the time to peruse this massive 1018 page monstrosity, cannot answer the tough questions being put to them about the provisions of this bill because they are deliberately ignorant of its contents. So they simply deny what they have written and claim the people are stupid.
Obama continues to claim that the protests are sponsored by right wing extremists and the insurance companies, villains all that need to be quashed. Obama says he never favored a single payer plan, yet video of him addressing union thugs from the AFL-CIO during his presidential campaign indicates otherwise. (The video can be viewed here.) So either Obama was lying when he said he was a proponent of single payer health care then, or he is lying when he says he does not favor it now. Either way, Obama is a liar.
The Constitution guarantees us the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. For the first time in a long time, the people are exercising those rights. And the Founding Fathers of this nation would be proud. Our country was founded on principles designed to liberate us from tyranny, the same tyranny that our current government is attempting to impose on us once again.
The Democrats were under the impression that they were going to ram this bill down the throats of the American people with virtually no problems. They have the votes after all, and the Republicans are impotent to stop them. Their mistake was assuming that only conservatives would oppose them. They failed to understand that this is not a left-right issue. It is a 'people' issue, and the people do not want their health care tampered with. They do not want to lose their plan or their doctor, which this bill would clearly force them to do. They don't want death panels determining who lives and who dies based on bureaucratic bean counters. They don't want to wait eighteen months for an MRI, and three years or more for a hip replacement. The people do not want to have life-extending treatments such as chemotherapy rationed.
Yes, the people are angry and they are vocal. The politicians don't like it when their constituents speak up and hold them accountable for their actions. Congress doesn't like hearing the words "you work for us!" shouted at them. Every few years they just want the peons to cast their votes and go away.
This time it's not happening. And the health care Nazi's in Washington are finally seeing that.
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