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article imageOp-Ed: Are Liberal Democrats Sinking Their Own Healthcare Bill?

By Johnny Simpson     Aug 14, 2009 in Politics
Gaffes by the President, controversial provisions receiving greater public attention and even being dropped from the bill, and a relentless campaign by Liberal Democrats to demonize noisy opponents of HR 3200 are sinking the very bill LibDems set afloat.
It's hard to know where to begin. Do we start with President Obama's analogy of the greatly successful capitalist ventures Fedex and UPS in comparison to the disastrous government-run Post Office? His demands that people "shut up and get out of the way so we can clean up this mess," an affront to both the great American tradition of vigorous public debate on key issues, and the concerns of millions of Americans that HR 3200 is an incredibly tangled mess all its own that may seriously reduce the quality of their present health care coverage?
For starters, I suppose. What about the declarations by the White House and Liberal Democrats in Congress declaring all ObamaCare protesters "astroturfers" while ignoring or concealing the real money behind ObamaCare, and those who stand to profit greatly from it? As they say in DC, follow the money. For example, the pharmaceutical lobby PhRMA is planning to spend $150M on an advertising campaign for ObamaCare. That is more than John McCain spent on all TV ads for his failed presidential campaign.
So is PhRMA just spending all that money out of the goodness of their hearts? Or are they just taking too many of their own medications? According to the CNN interview by Wolf Blitzer of a rather evasive Linda Douglass, the White House Communications Director and point person on ObamaCare (who is also responsible for the fishy flag(at) snitch site, yet another problem), the answer is the former:
BLITZER: So is part of the deal that they would support this legislation, go forward with $150 million in advertising?
DOUGLASS: You know, Wolf, part of the agreement here is that we're all going to work together to bring comprehensive health reform. I mean, clearly, the pharmaceutical industry said we are going to support comprehensive health reform. And that's what they're doing.
Blitzer repeated that quid pro quo question twice, trying to get a straight answer from Ms. Douglass. None was forthcoming. Not very encouraging to many CNN viewers, I'm sure. Neither have been all the typical Democratic ObamaCare plants at town halls across America, most glaringly at the President's own. Many nosy bloggers have also discovered that of the people posing questions at Obama town halls on healthcare, there are perhaps two degrees of separation at most from the President and ObamaCare-sponsoring orgs.
As to the SEIU union, which also stands to profit greatly from ObamaCare, their busloading-in of Purpleshirt thugs who have engaged in Brownshirt-like attacks on noisy yet non-violent ObamaCare protesters nationwide is not engendering any greater support for ObamaCare. In fact, public opinion polls have shown a great deal of sympathy for the protesters, by a 2-to1 margin among key Independent voters. Not good.
It would seem the clarion call by the White House for ObamaCare supporters to "get in their faces and punch back twice as hard" is backfiring as badly as every other attempt by LibDems in Congress and the White House to salvage a bill that is now sinking like a rock in major public opinion polls.
Speaking of political thuggery, also not very encouraging has been the rank Ahmadinejad-like demonization of any and all ObamaCare protesters by Liberal Democrats and their Lefty media lapdogs as teabaggers, birthers, swastika-waving hooligans, Nazis, un-American, evil mongers, political terrorists, even Hamas and Hezbollah-like. All this from the crowd that screamed to the skies not so long ago about how dissent, and even public disruptions, were so patriotic. Gee, what happened? Oh yeah, they're in charge now. New rules.
All in all, it would seem brass-knuckles Chicago-style community organizing has been a massive failure on the national level. Not to mention the telephone directory-sized bill itself which, not having been stuffed through Congress before any lawmakers have even read it (some have even joked about not reading it, also not very encouraging), the horrific details of which are only now coming under public scrutiny.
There are the alleged "Death Panels" of Section 1233 of HR 3200, which Sarah Palin has been savaging most effectively. Though Democrats have been vehement in their denial of potential euthanasia-for-profit provisions, Section 1233 is now being dropped from the bill. As to private insurers, whom House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has derided as nearly as evil as ObamaCare protesters, there are clauses in HR 3200 that point to an eradication of private coverage as an option. Single payer only, i.e. total government control and management of healthcare coverage. Not to mention blanket access to private bank accounts.
One section that has undergone greater public scrutiny is a provision requiring mandatory in-home access to government employees, in order to instruct both present and expecting parents how to raise their kids. Other provisions that allow for blanket coverage of illegal aliens, as well as full coverage of elective abortions, are also not generating too many new HR 3200 supporters. Just the opposite, in fact.
If HR 3200 is becoming a great example of anything, it is as a cautionary tale in every possible way of how not to sell critical legislation to the American public. In closing, this raucous ObamaCare bill debate has been both greatly illuminating and a lot of fun in a rough-and-tumble, tomato-throwing, Good Ole American rock 'em-sock 'em robot politics kind of way. Unless you're a Liberal Democrat Lefty, that is.
Can't wait for Cap-and-Tax! Viva La American Revolucion!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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