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article imageTopFinds: Chevy Volt's Shocker, Chelsea Clinton's Kenyan admirer

By David Silverberg     Aug 14, 2009 in Internet
General Motors reveals new details about its electric hybrid Chevy Volt. The perils of bargain-bin consumerism. Canadian police harden their stance against an erectile dysfunction crime syndicate. These are the top stories around the world.
Have you wondered how "discount culture" has hurt our consumerist society? Bob Ewing explored this idea further by interviewing Ellen Ruppel Shell, author of the recently released Cheap: the High Cost of Discount Culture. Readers found out what they were really getting when they gobbled up bargain products, and why we should "require retailers to label all consumer goods with the country of origin, and maybe even insist that they name individual suppliers on their websites." A must-read for anyone interested in consumer culture, or in love with those price-slashed goodies.
Classic and antique cars were the subjects of Michael Cosgrove's photo-heavy portrait of a car rally in Lyon. As he wrote, "There is something magical about these cars, and one can only marvel at their grace and class which, although they are not as fast and comfortable as today’s models, more than make up for it with their nonchalant panache." Not only is the article well written, but you can feast your eyes on a wide array of stunning antique cars, from a 1925 Peugeot Torpédo 172R to a sleek Jaguar XK140.
Klingons with Roses
Costumed Star Trek fans will assemble Saturday for a world record.
Jay David Murphy
We were treated to an assortment of entertainment articles on Reporter Jay David Murphy kept us posted on the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, earlier telling us about the stars of the franchise but then also treating us to the many Star Trek fans in full costume (we especially like the family of Klingons). This was a stunning photo essay showing the range of fandom enjoyed by fans across the U.S. Intrepid photojournalism is always appreciated, Jay.
Sports fan might want to check out the article headlined "NCAA Raises Stakes on Sports Betting Suit." Written by Charles W. Kim, the article probes how the college basketball tournament is putting pressure on states that allow gambling on the games. His interview with New Jersey State Sen. Raymond Lesniak on the issue offers a deeper analysis into why the Delaware proposal to allow sports wagering is angering officials.
As expected, Earl Dittman nabbed another timely interview with a Hollywood actress. This time, he interviewed Rachel McAdams, who stars in The Time Traveller's Wife, released today. He found out what she finds appealing about this role, whether she believes in destiny (yes, it's related to the film) and why she enjoys watching her films when they're finally completed. She's one rising star Hollywood will be watching closely.
Jaime Foxx
Jaime Foxx
KJ Mullins
When Jamie Foxx comes to town, the media pays attention (that's an understatement!). There to capture the actor's appearance in Toronto was KJ Mullins, who crafted a thorough overview of the actor's life and passions. She was also able to snap some up-close pics of Foxx as he recounted why he got into film and what he plans to do with his musical career. Another great get, KJ!
A selection of other notable stories include:
White House: Health care critics 'on thin ice': The health care controversy rages on in the U.S., and in this article we learn how the White House is striking back at critics. Andrew Moran told us Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had some harsh words for protesters attending town hall debates -- "Gibbs also replied that the demonstrators are showing less civility than his six-year-old child, 'Behave yourselves like your mom would probably tell you to do.'"
Hillary Clinton Snaps at Congo Student's Question: Call it a language misinterpretation, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton crackled when a student in Congo supposedly asked her what her husband would think about the World Bank's involvement in the region. "You ask my opinion; I will tell you my opinion. I'm not going to channel my husband," Clinton sniped. But the student wasn't asking about Bill, but about Obama's opinion. Talk about a PR disaster for Hillary.
Chelsea Clinton and her not-so-secret Kenyan admirer: Still with the Clintons, an obsessed Kenyan claims he is in love with Chelsea Clinton. As Chris Dade reports, Godwin Kipkemoi even offered a dowry to Hillary Clinton to give her daughter's hand in marriage. But do the Clintons really need 40 goats and 20 cows?
Peter Schiff: Rising Stocks Not A Sign of Recovery: The recession has just begun. That's the dire news announced by economic analyst Peter Schiff. He went on to debunk the myth that stock market movement could be indicate any change in the overall economy. "In the current cycle, neither the market nor its cheerleaders saw this recession coming, so why should anyone believe that these fonts of wisdom have suddenly become clairvoyant?"
Forced Evacuations in Central California as Wildfire Rages: As if California needed another wildfire to mar its landscape. This blaze has already enflamed more than 1,200 acres near Santa Cruz, forcing the evacuation of more than 2,000 people. Since the region is home to many vineyards, will the state's wine production also be affected?
Helicopter and Small Plane Collide Over Hudson River: New video has just been released of the horrific crash between a copter and a plane in New York. The passengers died, another tragedy struck the Hudson River and questions remain about who is responsible. What do you think about this crash?
Rattler attack rattles province over shortage of anti-venom: It looks like Ontario is woefully short of anti-venom. Stephanie Dearing wrote about a rattlesnake attack on a man in Parry Sound, Ontario who had to travel far to receive the proper medication. The incident wiped out Ontario's stock, which is troubling news for the next person to get bitten by any poisonous snake this summer.
Three arrested in Sask after posting illegal duck shoot video: In an odd and tragic story, three Saskatchewan men were arrested for posting YouTube videos of shooting ducks in a pond. Charges were laid under federal and provincial wildlife protection laws, Bob Ewing told us. Too bad these guys weren't charged for cowardice and stupidity too.
GM says Volt Will Have Triple-Digit City Mileage: The buzz is mounting over the GM Volt, an upcoming plug-in hybrid car that will achieve 230 mpg in city driving. Kevin Jess writes, "After that, a small internal combustion engine kicks in to generate electricity for a total range of 300 miles. The battery pack can be recharged from a standard home outlet." Is this a car you would buy for $40,000?
Canadian Mounties break up erectile dysfunction drug ring: In one of the quirkier stories, Kathlyn Stone informed us about a Canadian investigation dismantling an erectile dysfunction crime syndicate. The RCMP arrested members of an organization suspected of distributing counterfeit erectile dysfunction drugs, she wrote. Her last paragraph also offered some advice to guys who shop online for some sexual healing.

TopFinds Awards

The honourees of this week's TopFinds Awards attracted impressive attention and widest readership. Digital Journal thanks the following Digital Journalists with Awards for their passion for covering the top issues of the day: KJ Mullins, Stephanie Dearing, Michael Cosgrove, Earl Dittman, Jay David Murphy, Bob Ewing, Kevin Jess, Chris Dade, Andrew Moran, Kathlyn Stone, and Charles W. Kim.
The Top Blog Post of the Week goes to Michael Cosgrove for his cheeky post depicting a stunning photo. He gave us a full-frontal view of a grandly knotted tree, tying it into a joke about wrinkled skin. If you want to stay updated on the photography courtesy of Digital Journalist, then join this Group.
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