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article imageWhat’s True About Abortion in the Health Care Bill?

By Carol Forsloff     Aug 12, 2009 in Health
In the health care debate, some of the questions about it get left on the table. What are the facts about abortion in the bill since so many people are concerned?
National Public Radio looked at the issue of abortion and the health care proposals since there had been accusations that abortion would be encouraged under the health care plan. On a recent broadcast Melissa Block spoke with Robert Farley, staff writer for, who has researched some of the issues. He said that abortion was covered under the health care bill, but not required. Farley also pointed out that the government funded part of the plan was simply to prove government subsidies for those unable to pay for low income people to buy insurance.
As for more of the specifics about abortion in health care proposals, Farley went on to explain the Capps Amendment. He said it seeks to answer the question about funding for abortions as it would segregate the money used to cover abortions. “ It would specifically prohibit federal dollars from being used to subsidize abortions. Any of that money that would be used for abortion coverage would have to be paid through the premiums paid by an insured person.” Farley went on to discuss the issues specifically about payment and requirements for abortion and said this about what is in the proposed health care bill: “Well, we specifically looked at the question of whether federal tax dollars will be used to subsidize abortions. And that kind of language isn't in any of the versions of the plan that are kicking around in Congress. And specifically, the House version, with the Capps Amendment, states that no federal funds could be used to subsidize abortions. And so we ruled that false.”
This is contrary to advertisements being put out by one of the Baptist groups, declaring abortion to be mandated under the health care bill. As noted, political reporters have examined the wording of the new legislation carefully and found that mandated abortion is not the case, and people choose to pay under insurance coverage they buy for themselves as opposed to using government funding.
Still a cadre of pro-life groups are joining together to defeat the health care bill based upon the belief that it mandates abortion and provides government funding for it according to the Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education.
How the differences continue is interesting, given the fact that specific wording has been examined that indicates that certain fears addressed by pro-life groups are not part of the bills proposed. How does it happen that people believe one thing, even when the truth may be something else?
It is indeed what reporters and columnists now discuss as the health care debate rages on.
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