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Group offers free healthcare in Los Angeles, more doctors needed

By KJ Mullins     Aug 12, 2009 in Health
Remote Area Medical (RAM) is serving this week in Los Angeles where thousands have lined up for medical care. The group gives free medical care in a grassroots way. State laws though are causing a back-up in care for those in need.
RAM is offering free health care services to those in need this week at the LA Forum. The group is seeing close to 1,000 people a day, having to turn many in need away. The group serves those in medical need in the United States and other countries by setting up clinics for several days at a time.
RAM tells those needing to be seen on their site to be prepared for a long wait for the LA event. All medical care is free, that includes those needing any dental care including root canals. They attempt to give everyone who needs glasses a free pair.
Volunteers are given free meals while they are working and the knowledge that they have helped those in their own nation get quality medical care.
On Wednesday volunteers are trying to catch up with people needing to see the dentist. Those unable to be seen on Tuesday will be first in, then if there is still time the rest of the people lined up will be seen.
Nearly 500 people were given tickets to be seen for treatment at midnight.
ABC reports that the clinics are offering eye exams, glasses, physicals, dental services and other services.
One problem that the group has encountered in California is the law that the state only allows doctors from California to treat people in the state. That law has the group begging state doctors to come to the clinic to volunteer.
At this time dentist, oral surgeons, optical techs and MDs are needed according to the RAM twitter page.
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