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article imageChina’s Dirty Harry Has His Own Solution For Traffic Offenders

By M Dee Dubroff     Aug 12, 2009 in Lifestyle
There’s an old saying about the squeaky wheel being the one that gets the oil, but one man in China has taken that concept just a little bit too far. Read all about his solution for those who break traffic rules in his home town.
It would seem that sometimes it takes a brick to make someone take notice. In the case of drivers who ignore traffic rules in the northwestern city of Lanzhou, one man took matters into his own hands, albeit a bit forcefully.
The man in question stood in the middle of a street one night and actually watched for cars that ran a local red light. When it happened, he would run up to the car and smash it with a brick.
Despite mobility problems, his anger spurred him on, and with all the vitality of a “Dirty Harry” on the rampage, he continued through the evening and was almost hit by cars on several occasions.
The 70-year-old man was hell-bent on teaching drivers who dared to break the law a lesson they would never forget. He began smashing cars around 7 pm and damaged about 30 vehicles before the local police intervened and stopped him.
By this time, other elderly vigilantes had joined the posse and a large crowd had formed along the crossroad. Some cheered the old man on while others jeered, and the heated debate was soon picked up on the Chinese-language Internet.
The website,, conducted an online poll on the issue and more than 60,000 people voted, the majority supporting the old man’s actions.
In the words of one Sohu user:
“I support the elderly. The government department simply can’t control this. Running a red light carries a fine of 200 yuan (about $29), but fixing a car window takes 500 yuan (about $50).”
A growing level of frustration with the failure of local authorities to control the flow of traffic is evident.
Extreme times call for extreme measures?
What do YOU think about this?
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