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Mr. Media Radio: Herb Sorensen, author, 'Mind of the Shopper' Special

By Bob Andelman     Aug 9, 2009 in Business
The retail business in America is sick. The economy has taken a toll on our traditional buying habits and the industry is looking for a cure.
Meet Dr. Herb Sorensen.
He is the CEO and president of TNS Sorensen, a consulting firm that specializes in observing and measuring shoppers’ behavior within the walls of a store. He is the author of an incredibly detailed new book, Inside the Mind of the Shopper: The Science of Retailing, which breaks down what shoppers are thinking in large part based on their eye movements while shopping.
If you’re a professional within the retail industry, I think you’ll find Sorensen’s observations of great use. And if you’re a shopper, you may gain some great insight about the way successful retailers market their wares to you.
This year, consumers will spend one quadrillion seconds in all stores, globally – and 80% of their shopping time will be completely wasted, simply moving from place to place in the store, not looking at or purchasing items, simply not shopping. In these tough economic times, retailers cannot afford to lose the minds, attention and wallets of their consumers.
Fortunately, there’s a solution: active retailing. First, understand exactly how consumers behave inside the store. Then, use that information to get the right products to the right shoppers at the right time. Inside the Mind of the Shopper: The Science of Retailing shows exactly how to do this, allowing you to go inside the mind of the shopper – and drive truly remarkable sales increases.
Sorensen reveals:
* Powerful new ways to optimize store design and navigation
* Which in-store merchandising programs are a total waste of scarce resources
* Why retailers are missing their greatest opportunities, and what to do about it
* How to appeal to today’s “quick trip” shopper – and why too much selection kills sales
* How to make the most of all three retail “moments of truth”: reach, stop, and close
You can LISTEN to this interview with INSIDE THE MIND OF THE SHOPPER author and retail expert HERB SORENSEN by clicking the audio player above!
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