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Bomb Explodes in a Restaurant on Majorca

By Chris Dade     Aug 9, 2009 in World
There were no injuries reported today after police on the Spanish island of Majorca, supposedly acting after receiving a telephone warning, were able to evacuate a restaurant before a bomb exploded.
The London Times reports that police have yet to confirm that a warning call was indeed received but according to the Guardian the Spanish media is saying that the Basque separatist group ETA did make such a call to a taxi company in the Basque region.
Allegedly the call said that a bomb would explode between 12pm and 6pm local time in La Rigoletta restaurant in Majorca's capital Palma, although there is no clear indication whether the explosion did take place during that time frame.
ETA has already accepted responsibility for a July 30 bombing on Majorca which killed 2 members of the Guardia Civil (police), as well as an attack on police barracks in the Northern Spanish city of Burgos. Whilst no deaths occurred during the latter attack 60 people were injured.
The recent death of a police officer in the province of Vizcaya, known as Biscay in English and a part of the autonomous Basque region of Spain, has brought another claim of responsibility from ETA, an organization first founded in 1959 which did not begin its campaign of violence until the late 1960s. Its aim is to secure outright independence for the greater Basque country, an area that is for the most part in Spain but also occupies a small area of Southwestern France.
Considered a terrorist organization by both the European Union and the United States, ETA ( Euskadi Ta Askatasuna is its full name) has been involved in over 800 deaths and is not averse to attacks on tourists.
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