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article imageDay two at Las Vegas Star Trek Convention Special

By Jay David Murphy     Aug 9, 2009 in Entertainment
Digital Journals coverage of the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention for 2009 continues with the Trek stars at the Las Vegas Hilton.
The Star Trek Convention day two started of with a Deep Space Nine reunion panel with Cirroc Lofton, Marc Alaimo, Jeffrey Combs, Rene Auberjonois, Armin Shimerman, Colm Meany, and Casey Biggs. The panel was joined while in session in front of the audience by Chase Masterson keeping it from being an all male panel.
It was love fest between this group that goes beyond the Star Trek universe.
Most of these actors have all worked together on many other projects both in film and on the stage. One of the qualities of Star Trek from the very beginning was the hiring of theater trained actors to take on the roles of the characters bringing both validity and great performances to the small and big screen.
Jeff Combs spoke on how he got his chance on DS9 from Rene’ and their past friendship and work. Rene’ gave credit to Colm for not being able to attend a convention, “It’s his fault I started dong conventions.” He has being doing them ever since.
An audience member asked about the challenges of the heavy make up and costuming needed to play the alien parts. The members of the panel tried to decide which of the characters costume and make ups was the hardest to put on and take off. They all agreed that Klingons, Feringi, and Cardassians were all a challenge and even Renes who played Odo, that it was the hardest part of their job. They were all envious of Rene' who cold just rip his off while the others had to painstakingly take theirs off, sometimes taking hours.
Armin Shimerman
Armin Shimerman as Quark in DS9 taking his turn on the panel at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Jay David Murphy
Rene commented on one shape shift he was not able to do, "I wish I could have morphed into another being and I would have morphed into Quark so Armin would have had to play the part all week." This was following several comments from other panel members on taking a week off shooting and still getting paid for it
Mark Alaimo
Mark Alaimo sits on the DS9 panel at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convetion.
Jay David Murphy
Marc Alaimo spoke up about the Cardassians make up and costume being the most difficult of all in the series, adding that the prosthetic spine made it the most involved of all the aliens in the Star Trek universe. He also commented later that his favorite part of playing the Cardassian leader were those times when he was not the warrior and playing the father.
Rene Auberjonois
Rene Auberjonois tells a story while on the DS9 panel at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Jay David Murphy
Armin had a comment about Renes costume, "He used blow his up in a bubble."
Colm Meaney
Colm Meaney is always charming at the Star Trek Conventions
Jay David Murphy
Colm Meaney got on the topic of make up and he had an episode were he played a Klingon. He said once the make was on , “I can’t blink, I can’t blink!” There was a lot of conversation on the hours and hours of make up going on and going off. It was finally decided upon that the Cardassian make up was the worst, the Feringi were the butt heads of the universe, and the Klingons were just ornery.
Colm went on to say that “I complained so much that Dorn told producers to get me out of it.” Earlier in the conversation he said, “Michael Dorn was so happy to see me in the costume for the torture.”
Cirroc Lofton
Cirroc Lofton celebrated his birthday on the stage at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Jay David Murphy
It was Cirrocs birthday and at the beginning of the panel, the audience all sang Happy Birthday to him. He said, “I am recording some rap music right now. I’m not happy with whats been going on the last few years.” He went on to say that his stuff is clean, and not about the topics or the direction that it has gone.
Chase Masterson
Chase Masterson spoke on a new film she is involved with.
Jay David Murphy
One of the tender moments came when the panel members in chorus lead by touching comments from Armin on the "pleasure it was to watch him grow up" and how they all had "paternal feelings for him," referring to Cirroc. After all these years of not working together you got the feeling of family from them and impact their shared acting experience on Star Trek had affected their lives and still continues to this day.
Jeff Combs
Jeff Combs covers his characters ability to keep returning after getting killed time and time again.
Jay David Murphy
Jeff Combs was sharp and quick witted as always, but was generally quiet on the panel, but spoke on the topic of how pleased he was being able die time and time again and knowing that he would be back on the next page of the script.
Cassey Biggs
Cassey Biggs acted as the unofficial MC of the DS9 panel at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Jay David Murphy
Cassey Biggs said that during his stint on DS9 he started as a one time appearance and the writers liked what they saw in the bar scene so for the first two years he was a drunk Cardassian in the bar on DS9.
The DS9 panel
The DS9 panel says goodbye to audience members.
Jay David Murphy
Next up was Brent Spiner, Data. He was his usual sarcastic self, throwing around puns by the bucket full. Spiner is always very funny and a fan favorite. He commented on what fellow cast members said about him being a bit difficult. “I would get in there at 4am and a couple of hours later they would come in. My goal was to make everyone as miserable as possible. And I achieved that.”
Brent Spiner
Brent Spiner gets two cat questions at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention.
Jay David Murphy
He spent a lot of time impersonating Patrick Stewart with the line, “Have you been to London to see Godot?”
Brent Spiner
Brent Spiner who played Data in Next Geneneration appearing on stage at the Las Vegas Star Tre Convention.
Jay David Murphy
The topic of Spot the cat came up several times and Brent had this to say about the cats that shared the screen with him, "There were two of them, Brandy and Monster, and they had a cat wrangler. Brannon Braga was in charge of scripting the cat and he would write things that cats could not do on cue."
Digital Journal was there for the next piece with but because of the special nature of that hour we will be presenting another piece which includes a visit from Kevin Sorbo.
Part of the cast from Enterprise
Panel members from the cast of Enterprise.
Jay David Murphy
Friday wrapped up with a panel from the Enterprise the last of the Star Trek television series. Appearing was Dominic Keating, Connor Trinneer, Anthony Montgomery, Jon Billingsley, Gary Graham, and Vauhn Armstrong.
The running gag for this set was about how Jon Billingsely never gets any questions so he brought a newspaper to read.
John Billingsley
John Billingsley really wants to take questions at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Jay David Murphy
The first three questions went to him. The first two he paid the audience members asking them a dollar. On the third Keating, Trinneer, and Montgomery went over and threw a waded up dollar to the audience member.
The fan questions still come about its early cancellation and Dominic was the first one to comment, "It was a bit clunky getting Frakes and Marina involved."
Connor Trinneer
Connor Trinneer has laughs with Dominic at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention
Jay David Murphy
Dominic Keating
Dominic Keating is always the shaking things up at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Jay David Murphy
Trinneer chimed in with "Dominic is up set that it was about me," which brought a lot of laughs from the audience. He went on to say that, "It was nice to take 16 or 17 years and wrap it up for Brandon." Brandon Bragga had been producing the Star Trek series' for almost 20 years and the early close down of Enterprise meant that for the first time since Next Generation had come on television, there would be no new Star Trek series of films.
Vaughn Armstrong
Vaughn Armstrong could only stay a moment because he was needed in another hall for a music performance.
Jay David Murphy
Of course that was all rectified in May of 2009 with huge summer hit, the new Star Trek movie which is already set for a sequel and has brought a whole new generation of fans into the Star Trek universe.
Gary Graham
Gary Graham talks on the phone while on stage at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Jay David Murphy
Fans are all waiting to here the magic words, "There's a new television series planned."
Anthony Montgomery
Anthony Montgomery joins in the fun at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Jay David Murphy
One of the more interesting topics the panel got onto was, “The talented, sexy, and gaseous Jolene Blalock.” Which best put by Dominic when he went on one of his rants. Dominic has a bit of wild side to him and it is well documented. We caught at least a half dozen “F” bombs which is basically a no no at these conventions, because of children in the audience. But because he is so charming the audience lets him get away with it.
These guys are always funny, but they all feel the series should have had a longer run and the fans all feel the last season could be the best season of all the Trek series, but that is still up for debate in the Star Trek universe which is powered by the fans.
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