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article imageStar Trek's Roddenberry brings comic book Days Missing to life Special

By Jay David Murphy     Aug 8, 2009 in Entertainment
Trevor Roth is the Executive Editor and creator of the all new comic book, Days Missing. It is a joint effort from the family of Roddenberry and Archaia publishing to bring to life the story of Steward.
Days Missing is the newest offering in the Roddenberry family, the creators of Star Trek. Now holding the reigns is Eugene ‘Rod’ Roddenberry and his right hand man is Trevor Roth.
Trevor Roth is the creator of Days Missing the comic book. Trevor has been the guiding force behind since 2004.
A childhood friend of Rods, he spent 10 years in marketing and advertising before teaming up and starting a journey that began in 2004. At their first convention together it was just Rod and Trevor, a couple of tables, some wire displays, and what was left of Lincoln Enterprises.
Today the Roddenberry franchise has grown into, the Roddenberry Dive Team, 2 comic strips Gene's Journal and Rod and Barry, and a comic book, Days Missing. Friday it was announced by Rod at the Star Trek Convention that Days Missing has already sold 10,000 copies and has not been released.
Trevor Roth and Days Missing
Trevor Roth and Days Missing banner at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Jay David Murphy
But this is about a man who has been instrumental in building the Roddenberry name to its present state. But you would not know it talking with Trevor Roth now a creative force bringing Days Missing to life for the Roddenberry franchise.
Rod Roddenberry will tell you without hesitation the corner stone role that Trevor Roth has played in bringing his families business to the state is now.
Trevor Roth is the glue, the hammer and nails which has successfully constructed the iconic Roddenberry business into what it has become and has taken, hand in hand, with Rods vision and principles that he learned from his father and mother into this century.
Trevor Roth
Trevor Roth and Body English at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas for the Days Missing launch party.
Jay David Murphy
Trevor is a very humble man, and his business savvy and drive has become well known in the Star Trek Community. Trevor never uses “I” it’s always “we,” it’s not habit it’s a passionate philosophy. At every opportunity he makes sure the light shines brightly on Rod.
Now it’s time for Trevor Roth to step out of the shadows and take his turn in the spot light and you know Rod is all for it. And a giant step he has taken, fostering the first new creative venture for the new future of the Roddenberry name, Days Missing.
Roddenberry has teamed up with Archaia publishing to produce this visually dynamic comic, that is story driven, with strong content, and visionary ideas, and accomplished a great story.
Trevor Roth
Trevor Roth speaking to the Star Trek audiences at the convention in Las Vegas.
Jay David Murphy
Digital Journal sat down with Trevor Roth at this years Star Trek Convention and after knowing him for about 7 years, is pleased to be able to share his story and his first creative endeavor for the Roddenberry franchise.
Trevor Roth joined Rod on his mission of carrying the family name and vision into the future. The relationship was born from a childhood friendship. After spending a decade in marketing and branding, Trevor was ready to take an icon into the future.
Trevor, “It just seemed like a good fit in the beginning. Rod needed people he could trust with the family vision. Our intent is all about fun for our conventions and entertainment ventures. We have expanded and grown each year and now we are where we should be and desire to be.”
He continued with, “Days Missing was an idea I came up with one day about a year ago. It speaks to the Roddenberry tradition of exploration into the human condition using the spectacle of time as a tool, looking back into history, peering back and looking at humanity and it’s condition.”
Speaking with Trevor on Days Missing you could see the passion in his eye’s and his faith in what he created with a team of incredible artists.
Trevor Roth and Days Missing
Trevor Roth and Days Missing sign autographs at their booth where Digital Journal interviewed Trevor.
Jay David Murphy
Trevor explained, “Each issue covers one day in time. It’s a unique comic with an overall arc that is episodic. We have a dream team on board with Phil Hester, Chris Burnham, David Hine, Frazer Irving, Lee Moder, Ian Edgington, Dale Keown, Matz, and more.” Trevor did not miss a beat listing out those who have contributed in a big way to the realization of his vision of Days Missing. The first issue is lead by the team of Phil Hester writer and the art work by Frazer Irving.
He went to say, “These people are masters, each issue is a day, and every team had a day, which allowed us to stretch the creative boundaries.”
Digital Journal asked what his position or title should be considered for this project. Trevor replied, “Executive Editor, I make sure there was cohesion. We have this vision we wanted to create. It developed in ways I did not expect it to with the talent we had brought to the table. They took it directions we didn’t think of.”
Trevor explained the coming issues lineage, “The first issue is of course for August, then one for each month through December. The August issue is the first day is 11-11-2004, September is the second day 1519.” The concept leaves it wide open to base story lines with historical factual arcs anywhere in humanities history and beyond.
The byline on the back cover of issue one is:" Days Missing 11-11-2004, How many times have I seen your world almost end? This might be the day I finally loose you."
Trevor spoke about the principle character Steward. “He is interactive with humanity, with a mission to change history to benefit humanity in a positive way as he sees it. Steward is not able to see the future but in the annals of his library he can look into the past. It is actually all sort of a guess on whats best for humanity. He can fold time, but can not go back in time. It is his job to aid us, to assist humanity in our progress.”
Trevor explains further, “For example, imagine it’s 1999 at 11:59:59 and everything goes black. Now what if all the Y2K stuff did happen, the Steward would fold time, attempt to fix the problem, and fold time again and put it back into his library. Now we would never know what had happened and you would just remember 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Happy New Year and life would go on without you knowing anything ever happened.”
The concept is dimensional rather than time travel, folding both space and time. The Steward is a keeper of those folded moments, that only he knows about and humanity is oblivious too.
Digital Journal ask what was important to him and Trevor responded with, “At the end of the day it’s synonymous with what is Roddenberry, it's about human interaction with people of substance. Star Trek has been a communicator of that and his belief is part of my business and my personal life.”
“It’s all about the people”, he said, “It’s not the things or stuff we have, in the end when we are in our later years and we look back we remember the people and not the things, not the stuff.”
Trevor and Jenny Roth
Trevor and Jenny Roth shows off a copy of issue one of Days Missing in Las Vegas during the Star Trek convention.
Jay David Murphy
Trevor Roth has young family with his wife Jenny. They just had their second child, a girl Sadi a couple of months ago, and they have another little girl, Zoie who is 3 now. When he talks about them his smiling face beams with joy and pride. You can see and feel the love he has for his family and his life.
Trevor Roth and Rod Roddenberry
Trevor Roth and Rod Roddenberry appearing on stage together at the Star Trek convention
Jay David Murphy
Later in the day, Trevor and Rod took the stage together in front of the Star Trek audience and presented a video that shows a synopsis of Days Missing and expressed their excitement for their vision.
The Days Missing Party
Go-go dancer center stage at Body English.
Jay David Murphy
The night before they had a huge kick off party at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casinos Body English night club, for the fans of Star Trek and to celebrate the launch of Days Missing. It was the second year of presenting a fan appreciation party by Rod while at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. The fans packed the place, enjoyed drinks on Rod, green dancing women, great music, and a fantastic time celebrating Trek, Days Missing, and old and new friends.
This first project created for Roddenberry by Trevor Roth is the beginning of a new future for the family of people who brought you Star Trek.
Go to for more information and as Trevor says, “Give the first issue a chance and I am sure you will like it and want to follow this new story.”
You can also go to and keep up with all that is being offered and be in touch with future visions for people from people who really want to have a positive effect on humanity.
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