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article imageOp-Ed: Public Officials Work for Us

By Andrew Moran     Aug 7, 2009 in Politics
As time passes, agencies become corrupt. It is no more evident then if you look at your local police force. It is merely appalling to see that people who are there to defend you have become your enforcer.
First of all I would like to state that the men and women who serve in the police force, fire department, ambulance services and so on, work for the taxpayer (I.E. you and me). However, as time has gone on, majority of public workers forget about that. This has been the case, not just over the last few years, but over the last few decades where a police officer has become a public enforcer.
So I was not surprised when I watched this video clip from CBS news in Michigan (click here) with a teenage girl calling 911 for an ambulance because her father has just collapsed into a seizure but was refused ambulance service. She was arrested because she used foul language. The mentality into these enforcers’ minds is likely, “I am your god, slave, so you better respect me and bow down to me slave!”
I have read a lot of comments on YouTube defending the actions of the 911 dispatcher because she “wanted to pick a fight” or “she doesn’t deserve to have an ambulance because she disrespected him and she should just be grateful there is 911.” It really amazes me that the sheeple have become so enslaved where they believe that we owe it to these men and women who serve us and that we should just follow authority and never question it.
First of all, it does not matter if the girl disrespected the man, she was in a state of panic and it is her tax dollars that funds this man’s career. No matter what, she deserves an ambulance on that fact alone. Second of all, if she had to call a few times before she even received an answer really shows that 911 needs better management.
I stated I was not surprised because I have seen what the police force has become. Instead of nice, respectful, hard working and Constitutional officers, they have become enslavers for the establishment. Project Megiddo is a prime example of how inefficient and inept these people are. The Federal Bureau of Investigations claim that Christians, home-schoolers, people who follow the Constitution, Black Jews, members of Militias and conspiracy theorists are terrorists.
Most recently, in Missouri, the sheriff’s department conceptualized the idea that people with Ron Paul bumper stickers were militia members and, therefore, released arrest warrants out for these people. Later, it was withdrawn due to the media’s mockery of such idiocy.
Another amazing feat was the fact that task forces were released at the Democratic National Convention and protesters at the Denver stage last summer were beaten and arrested with no reasons warranted. Worse, in the summer of 2004 in New York during the Republican National Convention, protesters were brought to a secret prison, which was a bus depot, and detained for three days without food, drink and or water. They were also locked to the concrete ground with no fresh air and mildew growing all around them.
Are you still warm and receptive of police? Instead of being welcomed by them, you should actually be scared because every day at the local, state and federal level, your privacy and Constitutional rights are being taken away. Truly remarkable at how far we have come from the days of the Founding Fathers and the United States Constitution. The founders would be ashamed with what we are putting up with.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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