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Japanese Women Celebrate Maternity With Nude Photos

By M Dee Dubroff     Aug 7, 2009 in Lifestyle
A new trend is bulging in Japan; namely that of pregnant women having nude pictures taken of themselves to celebrate and memorialize their experience. Read all about this bare and beautiful exercise, which costs about $350 US.
According to news sources, this new trend in Japan comes in the wake of a poster depicting a heavily pregnant Britney Spears that was removed from Tokyo subways a few years ago because authorities feared it was “too stimulating” for younger commuters. Nevertheless, nude maternity photos are becoming more and more popular especially since last June when J-pop singer, “Hitome”, published a pregnant nude photo for her latest album cover.
Taking nude pregnancy photos is particularly popular among Japanese women who have had one child later in life. In the words of 40-year-old Kumiko Yoda, who gave birth to a baby boy last month:
“I was so happy during my pregnancy. This moment will not come back to me again and these pictures are for my own enjoyment. Whenever I see these pictures, I can recall how I looked and how happy I was when I was pregnant.”
At first, Yoda posed showing only her belly but as the all-female staff at the photo studio helped her relax, she posed nude for the camera. The black-and-white pictures are displayed in her home.
In the words of Yuko Ishizaki, an assistant professor at the Japan’ Women’s University
“The special feeling of waiting for motherhood helps alleviate the fear of nudity. And with more women becoming pregnant at a late age, for them this is an experience that will never happen again.”
A studio photo shoot costs some 35,000 yuan ($368 US dollars) and takes less than two hours to complete. Natsuko Takada, the owner of the photo studio Ixchel that specializes in these nude pregnancy photos said:
“Before this boom, women didn't know where to go to take these kinds of pictures even though they wanted to. Because of media attention, they easily found our studio. When I opened for maternity photos last year we had less than 10 customers a month but last month we had more than 70 customers.”
A beautiful way to capture a memory and probably the only time in the history of womankind when being out of shape is being in the most wonderful shape in the world!
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