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article imageRetired Fireman’s Love Spree Sets Home Ablaze

By M Dee Dubroff     Aug 6, 2009 in Lifestyle
Talk about getting caught with you pants down! This retired fireman burned down his own home after carelessly throwing away a cigarette as he made love to his wife! Read all about Larry Lowell and why he may never eat lunch in the Miami-Dade area again
The dilemma facing this retired fireman was a lot like that old song about the man who didn't want to set the world on fire but just yearned to set a flame in the heart of his beloved . Still, as so many good plans of mice and men often go astray, so did this one, terribly and heatedly. According to news sources, Larry Lowell was making love to his wife, Joli, when suddenly the flames took hold all around them and the couple was forced to flee naked from their home.
In addition to being almost burned to death, Mr. Lowell could not have been more personally embarrassed. He admitted to authorities that on many occasions during his 37-year tenure as a fire-fighter he used to warn people about the dangers of smoking in bed.
He said sadly:
“Now we’ve got no place to do it. I went out stark naked and she had her underwear on. We were ready to make love and everything happened at the same time. We lost everything.”
Mrs. Lowell told the press that she and her husband tried desperately to extinguish the blaze at their home in Miami, Florida, before the smoke became too thick.
In her words:
“After three or four pans of water, it kept getting worse. I didn't have any baking soda so I grabbed some mashed potatoes, and then I grabbed some bread crumbs and it was starting to get better but by then the smoke was so bad you couldn't see. I couldn't breathe and my husband had to pull me out before my lungs collapsed.”
A smoldering cigarette accidentally thrown under the bed ignited the bed clothes and almost the Lowells too.
Lt Ignatius Carroll, a spokesman for the Miam Rescue Fire Department, said:
“The blaze was an accident. They were spending some quality time with each other and didn't realize what happened until they started seeing flames and smoke coming up from under their bed. They came out with nothing on and people had to give them something to cover up with.”
Setting the world on fire sounds may good as a song lyric on paper, but whatever you do, keep your fires at home well contained on the stove and only metaphoric in the bedroom.
This advice comes straight to you from Smoky the Bear.
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