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Op-Ed: Is the Republican Party a Troubled Asset?

By Carol Forsloff     Aug 2, 2009 in Politics
It was the 1960’s. John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon debated on television. These were two gentlemen statesmen, each with a point of view, Democrat and Republican. Neither thought the other doomed to hell. How has one become a troubled asset?
The Republican Party had a history of openness and change. It stood for human justice, with dear old Abe standing on the pillars of the party, standing up for freedom, unity and the wholeness of the nation. Lincoln talked about the country to be united, to stand for principle, to help men become free. He told the nation that a nation divided could not stand. Now the party he once stood for has become the one that divides the nation, intentionally, bitterly and with hatred aforethought. To be right and to crush opposition, to betray truth, as with the “birther” and tea bagging movement, to destroy the opposition in every way possible has become the way of the party that once was the way to bring freedom and principal to governance.
The history of the demise is far too long for an opinion article, but much has been written about how the Republican Party was invaded by the Christian evangelicals and by the right wing and the Southern Democrats, now said by some to control the party. The Christians have hardly been Christian and the Democrats hardly representative of their faction either, as the tent has become so narrow only the slender white majority can sneak in.
The worst has come with the election of 2008, from monkey signs representing Barack Obama at Republican soirees and special events, in full view of both the Presidential candidate John McCain and his teammate Sarah Palin. Anything to win regardless of insult, half-truths or no truths at all has been the way of the Republicans, leaving the tent flapping from the stout wind of bigotry and bluster by such stalwarts as Rush Limbaugh, thought b y some to be the mouthpiece and celebrated grandly in Republican circles.
Political party members are neither saints nor sinners; they are shades of gray like anything or anyone else, but lately those shades are darker from the right, ominous and ugly. The voices are shrill; the tone sarcastic, mean-spirited and separating friends and families. Liberal, a term once owned by John and Abigail Adams, has become a Republican swear word to the extent that people duck and run when it is heard.
As someone who voted Republican many times, at state and federal levels, over more than 40 years, I am grieved by the party so troubled it no longer is an asset. For the sake of those who love democracy and believe in the balance of power and the two-party system, the extreme views of the Republican minority, the racial epithets, the destructive speech, and the ugly tone of hate must end so folks can get down to the business of governing this nation so people can live in peace.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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