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The New England Aquarium: A Unique Experience

By M Dee Dubroff     Aug 1, 2009 in Environment
Founded in 1969, the New England Aquarium is considered a pioneer in revolutionizing the aquarium experience via its emphasis on a more natural setting for the aquatic wonders of nature. Read on for more details about an important and magical place.
According to news sources, the New England Aquarium, in Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the most prominent and popular public aquariums in the United States. Considered one of the first of its kind, its mission to “to present, promote and protect the world of water,” has remained unchanged for the last forty years. Devoted to research and conservation as well as education and entertainment, the aquarium’s Simons IMAX Theater and The New England Whale Watch attracts more than 1.5 million visitors annually.
Simulating a Caribbean coral reef, the Giant Ocean Tank (200,000 gallon capacity), which is located in the central atrium of the building, is the principle feature of the Aquarium. Home to sharks, turtles and other fish, the concrete tank is open at the top and surrounded by a spiraling walkway. Fifty-two windows allow breathtaking views of the reef from every angle and level.
At the bottom, the tank stands in a large, square 150,000-gallon penguin exhibit. Displays abound and some of them include: The Temperate Gallery, which features Goliath grouper, ancient fishes, rare sea dragons, coastal environments, and thousands of schooling fish, the Freshwater Gallery, which focuses on habitats in South America and includes such sweethearts as piranhas, anacondas, electric eels, and Atlantic salmon.
And that is only the tip of a very beautiful and enthralling iceberg. The Edge of the Sea tide pool is an interactive exhibit where visitors can actually touch the animals and The Tropical Gallery is home to many colorful tropical varieties, including cuttlefish, venomous fish (lion-fish and scorpion-fish) and living corals. Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure presents a startlingly realistic 3D movie that tells the story of the ferocious underwater dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period. Perhaps the most incredible exhibit of them all is the interactive Killer Instincts exhibit which feature all the lovely critters of your nightmares: sharks, anacondas, giant Pacific octopus, electric eel and others. The program is designed to inform and educate the public about these creatures.
The New England Aquarium's marine mammals (seals mostly) participate in daily training sessions that are open for public viewing. The aquarium staff often participates in rescue efforts for stranded marine mammals and sea turtles.
The more than 70 exhibits are guaranteed to enthrall and fascinate all who dare to step inside this marvelous aquarium.
Don’t miss a visit to the New England Aquarium the next time you visit Boston, Massachusetts.
You may never be the same again.
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