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article imageOp-Ed: Obama, Gates, Crowley and That Black Panther Thing

By Johnny Simpson     Jul 31, 2009 in Politics
Obama was masterful in suds-rinsing Dr. Gates' crime of race-crying "Wolf!" by sitting victim down with victimizer on equal footing. Since that worked out so well, why not a beer blast for the Black Panther thugs Obama gave a pass and their white victims?
A QUALIFIER: Although you will find that I am quite passionate and heated in opposition to the President on this key issue of race, please note also that I have staunchly defended the President against those who hate him and question his legitimacy to hold office. I have also praised the President, even once saying "I'm Sorry," two words that appear to be like garlic to a vampire for Lefties. Case in Point. Larger point being, I have been a fair man to the President. Only this time it is not in support. Not by a country mile! As you read on, you will understand why this issue goes far beyond politics for me. Way beyond.
As it should for you too, Dear Readers.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Many of you have already expressed to me that it's long past time to drop this subject and for all of us to move on. You could not be more wrong. This fight isn't over with a couple of beers and presidential equivocations. It's just beginning. And it could not be more personal. See, I was born and raised in Cambridge. Even got arrested for disorderly conduct by CPD not five blocks from Dr. Gates' house some years back. Only that cop was black and I'm white. Makes no difference in Cambridge if you're a rowdy. I think I'd know. That's why I most loudly and publicly called Gates a bold-faced liar that same day.
Who not actually there could visualize better what really happened? From the cuffing to the paddy wagon ride to booking to the slammer? I could see it all go down! Think about this too, people. Had Sgt. James Crowley been just a regular Officer Joe on the beat, and not been able to provide the damning refutation of Dr. Gates' false shrieks of racism as he has, we Cantabrigians might this very moment be looking at Racial Arsonist-in-Chief Al Sharpton trying to burn down our city for race-mongering fun and profit. He'll have to kill me first! Over my dead body! Not a remote possibility with Big Al involved, given his bloody track record.
Crown Heights ring any bells? Freddy's Fashion Mart? How Big Al a bullet did Cambridge just dodge? How disappointing! Sorry, Big Al. Better luck next time! Larger point here being, Big Al is always waiting in the wings with a gas can and matches in hand for the Next Big Whitey Thing to torch to the skies. He waits as we speak. Been watching him my whole adult life! Like vultures Big Al and other black Lefty racial pimps, grievance-mongers and extortionists like Gates wait patiently for their shots to start or fuel racial infernos.
Just like the Joker. Only they burn people instead of money. Hell, Big Al has made a career out of it! And that's the real problem here, people. Don't you get it? That's the big 800-pound gorilla in the Obama Racial Harmony Room nobody wants to talk about. But what if it was YOUR hometown Big Al was handing out the gas cans and matches to torch into riotous mayhem and scorched oblivion with Joker-like glee? The fires of the socially corrosive, inflammatory, all-too-profitable and politically powerful Hate Whitey cottage industry in this country burn just as strong as they ever did before this whole "unfortunate incident" began.
And race-mongers like Sharpton and Gates stand always at the ready to fuel even the least smoldering embers of racial discord into Towering Inferno proportions, just as Dr. Gates tried and failed to do with Officer Crowley in Cambridge. The next racially-targeted innocent white police officer, his city and his peaceful neighborhoods might not be so lucky. If we are to ever achieve racial harmony in this country, the black Lefty racial grievance-mongering riot-inciting industry MUST be put out of business once and for all. Let the law deal with crimes of race, not the racists themselves. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?
On With The Black Panther Racial Harmony Beer Blast Hoedown! Crackers Invited! I mean included ;-)
FUN FACT: Did the mere prospect of Gas Can Al Sharpton's promised arrival on the scene in Cambridge compel the Middlesex District Attorney, as well as the Cambridge and Harvard Police Departments, to drop all charges against Dr. Gates? Is that the pure power of the gas can politics-fueled racial discord industry or what? They may have broken the glass and pulled the alarm before there was even a fire! How great is that? Want something even better? I aim to please! From Professor Skippy's press conference, right after ending his Typical Black Man Experience in America, i.e. jail. Revealing words, given all that has transpired since:
"There are one million black men in jail in this country and last Thursday I was one of them," Gates said in an interview with The Washington Post today. "This is outrageous and this is how poor black men across the country are treated everyday in the criminal justice system. It's one thing to write about it, but altogether another to experience it."
Oh, boo-hoo, Professor Skippy! This is Whitey saying, "Welcome to the Cambridge Club Fed! Been There, Done That!" All food for thought. A veritable smorgasbord, even. Dig in! But it won't taste good. Not.One.Bit.
ANOTHER FUN FACT: Wikipedia lists the population percentage for black Americans in the United States at 13.4%, or 40.9M people. Yet Dr. Gates lives in a city with a black mayor, a state with a black governor and a country with a black President. How great can you have it? Just no pleasing some people, I guess.
YET ANOTHER FUN FACT: While we hated white conservative Republicans may be Klan-like racist Nazis (depending on whatever Lefty you listen to), we would never, and I mean NEVER, throw the despicable epithet "Uncle Tom" at ANY black American, especially GOP Chairman Michael Steele, who has also had Oreo cookies thrown at him in utter racist contempt. So why is that a national sport on the egalitarian Left vis-a-vis black conservatives like Clarence Thomas, whom even Time called an Uncle Tom? Hmm. Curious.
SUPER BONUS! I just found out Professor Skippy called the black officer on the scene who backed up Sgt. Crowley an Uncle Tom! Does it get any better? We'll see. The day's still quite young yet. And Now, The Rest Of The Story! As if it all hasn't been juicy enough to date. Which it hasn't, really. The best is yet to come. Or worst, depending on your POV. I say worse. A LOT worse. On To The Panther Piss!
CORRECTION: Jumped the gun. News is Hell. It wasn't Dr. Gates who called Sgt. Leon Lashley, the black officer onscene, an Uncle Tom. Just Dr. Gates' many legions of fans. A black cop who does his duty under the law is an Uncle Tom to far too many blacks. What a sad state of affairs in America today: racial discord even among blacks. Perhaps the President could make a televised address on that subject and tell us all that using the foul epithet of Uncle Tom is unacceptable, and is even more heinous than n***er. I say worse, because blacks call each other n***ers in fun all the time. I know that. Never the case with Uncle Tom.
Am I right? Could I get some Brother or Sister to back me up on that one? A little racial harmony and cooperation toward an honorable goal? Be a good start. Let the Panther Piss Flow! If you haven't gotten splashed enough already. In fact, you haven't. Not yet. I'm just starting to tap the keg.
THIS JUST IN: Sgt. Lashley's letter regarding the above to President Obama was read live on CNN.
It's all about racial harmony and justice, Dear Readers. Or lack thereof. In wrapping this whole sordid episode of the race-mongering Lefty Harvard Black Studies professor Skippy Gates, who screamed to the skies that one of the top law enforcement experts on racial profiling in all of Massachusetts was engaging in the worst kind of racism, Obama displayed for all the world to see that his genius for evasion and equivocation in matters of race has absolutely no peer:
President Barack Obama is hailing his meeting with professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and policeman James Crowley as a "friendly, thoughtful conversation." In a statement after the three men and Vice President Joe Biden chatted over beers, Obama said he learned that Gates and Crowley had already spent some time talking with each other. He called that "a testament to them."
They also spent some time talking at Dr. Gates' house too, Mr. President. Now THAT was a testament! As to that "friendly, thoughtful conversation" between Gates and Crowley on Ware Street in Cambridge, you'd have to ask Officer Crowley. But do you really have to? Yet even more, from our esteemed Enabler-in-Chief:
Said Obama: "I have always believed that what brings us together is stronger than what pulls us apart. I am confident that has happened here tonight, and I am hopeful that all of us are able to draw this positive lesson from this episode."
Not that anything in the way of racial harmony is being pulled apart by the racial gas can politics and cries of Whitey Wolf that are not only par for the course for race-baiters like Gates and Sharpton, but are their bread and butter. Or giving the three Black Panther poll watcher thugs Get-Out-Of-Terrorizing-Voters-Free cards even with default convictions in hand. Nah. I feel much more racially harmonious and at peace as an American citizen who just happened to be born a poor white boy in a mean Cambridge housing project.
Obama, Gates and Crowley were at the center of a national uproar over racial profiling.
I would correct AP on that last statement by clarifying that it was in fact Dr. Gates who churned this racial Perfect Storm into Category 5 fury, all enabled by Obama, and that Officer Crowley was merely its battered Andrea Gail. But what's the point? With Obama, the press may as well be Ray Charles! Bats see better!
So, by sitting down racism victim Officer James Crowley and professional racial victimizer Dr. Henry Skippy Gates, and putting them on equal footings of respectability over a beer in the name of 'racial harmony,' Dr. Gates, who started this nationwide media and racial inferno with false cries of racism, and President Obama, who exacerbated the situation with his "acting stupidly" comment, both walk away from their crimes as free as the Black Panther poll watcher thugs just walked away from their egregious crimes of racially terrorizing white Philly voters, with the legal aid of none other than the Number Three at Justice, Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perelli, and Guess Who Else. Enabler-in-Chief ring any bells?
Of course, the Mainstream Media is totally on the Obamamessiah Racial Harmony Bandwagon, describing in most uplifting and lofty terms the beer-cooled "soothing of this race row" which the London Evening Standard called "The Audacity of Hops." Do you now understand why I utterly detest the sickeningly biased and equivocating left-wing liberal Obamamessiah press? If not, here's even more reason:
But when it came it was just four men, the President and Vice-President of the United States, a slightly-built black professor and a steely-eyed Massachusetts cop, sitting around in the shadow of the White House on a warm summer evening drinking beer.
Notice the damning little Lefty digs there? No "steely-eyed" racist Harvard egghead? Only "slightly built"?
The White House had billed the beer summit as a "teachable moment" in American life. An opportunity to show that in America, even the most acrimonious differences can be settled over a beer. If only the Israelis and Palestinians, the North and South Koreans, the Sunnis and the Shias could be so amenable.
Teachable moment is right, people. In total and unabashed Lefty equivocation, i.e. let's put the fascist North Korea and the democratic South on the same "acrimonious differences" playing field, sit 'em all down for beers and sing Kumbaya. Just like with Dr. Gates and Officer Crowley, for example. Forget Kim Jong-Il! And if I didn't hate the Lefty press in full measure before, this oped on the ObamaFest from Ace of Spades based on blog posts and press releases should lock it: "Noble Race-Blind Professor Agrees to Have Beer With Corrupt Racist Cop." Are any of you seeing the same disturbing pattern here in the Lefty press that I see? They sound just like Gates! Could they be any more ignorant, equivocating or enabling? I think yes.
As Officer Crowley himself pointed out to the press after the Beer Drunk 'Round The World, he and Dr. Gates "agree to disagree" which, given Sgt. Crowley's extensive training and experience in racial crisis and conflict resolution, tells me that Dr. Gates was being his usual arrogant, inhospitable and disagreeable self. No apologies were issued by either Dr. Gates or President Obama to Sgt. Crowley over their respective roles in, and direct contributions to, the slandering of Sgt. Crowley's stellar rep as a fair, honest and unbiased lawman in this rank affair. No surprise there. Being a racist Harvard professor, or a charge-dropping, black radical-enabling and favoring Lefty President, means never having to say you're sorry.
If you think about all that has transpired to date, i.e. Dr. Skippy Gates and Officer James Crowley sitting down on equal footing to talk racial harmony over a couple of beers, it is on the sickening and equivocating par with throwing similar harmonious pow-wows between Crystal Mangum and the Duke Lacrosse players she falsely accused of rape, or even fellow race- and rape-hoaxer Tawana Brawley and Duchess County prosecutor Steve Pagones, one of Brawley's and Al Sharpton's many slandered victims in that case.
In fact, if you really think about it, this is Tawana Brawley all over again, complete with Al Sharpton waiting on the sidelines with his overflowing racial gas can and ready to burn down MY city! Was not Officer Crowley falsely accused of racial rape, a hoax which in turn raped his own stellar reputation? Perhaps Al Sharpton could give Officer Crowley seminars on profiling and putting out racial fires before they start? LOL!
Now THAT'S Comedy! In fact, why don't we have Big Al sit down with the families of the eight shot and burned victims of his racial grievance-inspired and possibly anti-Semitic Freddy's Fashion Mart rampage? Or the family of Australian student Yankel Rosenbaum, who had the bad luck of being caught up in the Sharpton-fueled Crown Heights riot and stabbed to death by one of Big Al's rioting faithful, who screamed 'Kill the Jew!" as he repeatedly stabbed the Jewish Rosenbaum to death? Why don't we sit THEM down and talk about how the "things that hold us together are stronger than those which pull us apart"?
Hell, why don't we just go all the way? Who don't we sit down the three swaggering racist Black Panther poll-watching thugs with the white Philly voters whom they menaced with batons, and intimidated with racial epithets like "You will soon be ruled by the black man, cracker?" Could go a long way in the "soothing of that race row" and of "acrimonious differences" between those racist thugs and their innocent victims. Of course, the Black Panther thugs would walk away from that summit of racial harmony just as guilty as they entered (though no longer, thanks to Department of Just Us AG Perelli and our Enabler-In-Chief), and the white voters would probably all go home with some new slurs under their belts. A regular Rainbow Coalition.
Of course, the greatest danger here is that President Obama risks damaging race relations in this country beyond measure by enabling, equivocating and even freeing racist black radicals in what appears to be an Obama Administration-orchestrated regression of this nation's laws in favor of same. How am I, an American citizen who just happened to be born white supposed to feel, seeing all these rank racial injustices proliferate under the President's watch? Like justice is being served? If so, then justice today in being served up like the dish of revenge: cold. I'm certainly not feeling the love. What reasons have I to?
The glue that holds us together as a nation may well be stronger than the forces which attempt to pull us apart. Yet by pouring the acid of racial injustice and discord onto that glue in the manner in which President Obama and his administration have done since taking office, the President risks pulling us all apart and violently so, ironically as the candidate and now-President who promised he would be our Super Glue when it came to establishing racial harmony in this troubled nation. He ain't even been Elmer's!
And this nation only becomes more troubled and pulled apart through President Obama's and his administration's blatant bias, favoritism and enabling of black racial problem children like Dr. Gates, Al Sharpton and the Black Panther thugs. Might as well drive a truckload of Gentleman Jack up to a reprobate alcoholic's house! My "teachable moment" here, people, is that you don't have to be black these days to get a real taste of glaring racial injustice in America.
Feel free to give the White House a Sgt. Crowley-like racial harmony seminar on that one. Like the one the President and Dr. Gates no doubt avoided like the Plague on Thursday, as he and Dr. Gates also quickly passed on the post-Man Show press coverage. Hmm. Curious. Though I do believe Vice President Biden is under standing orders to avoid the press at all costs ;-)
Glad to see we're all finally having this long-awaited conversation on race. Cheers!
LAST QUESTION: Why is the David Duke-like Rev. Al Sharpton a Democratic mover and shaker and former Democratic candidate for President? There's a twenty-five pound turkey for thought! Bon Appetit!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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