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article imageOp-Ed: Don't Cash That Check

By Oscar Brooks     Jul 30, 2009 in Crime
You've heard the old saying, if it's too good to be true it probably isn't. How about a company sending you a check for over $3,000 to evaluate a Wal-mart store and their employees.
It sounded good and seemed legitimate. I received a letter from a company calling themselves Job Solutions. They claimed that they found my information from an employment website. I had registered on the site they said. Included with the letter was a check for $3,975. This company in the letter said they worked with several companies doing mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is when you go to various businesses pretending to be a regular shopper, but you are really evaluating their business and employees.
The instructions on the letter were to cash the check and call them once it was cashed for further instructions. After cashing the check I was told to take $200 for myself and $40 to make a store purchase. After that I was told to do the MoneyGram transfer with the rest of the money. When I spoke to three different people from this company on the phone, it all seemed like this was legit. That is why I cashed the check and did what they asked. The MoneyGram was sent to Calgary, Canada. That is where they really might be operating out of.
About a week later my bank sent me a letter saying the check I cashed was counterfeit and they deducted the $3975.00 from my account to cover the check. I was shocked, angry, disappointed and those are the nice words I'm using to express how I felt. I called Job Solutions back and they said, "our fraud department is looking into it and they will contact you and your bank within 3 days". Needless to say, that didn't happen. I have made several calls to them asking for my money back. I filed a police report. I contacted MoneyGram's fraud unit. The worst part is that my bank said they can't do anything about it because I cashed the check.
The lesson learned is to be very careful about these types of scams. If you get a check form someone or some company asking you to do work for them, take it to the bank and let them verify if it is real or fake. Never give out personal information such as: your social security number, bank account or driver's license. The address and phone number for Job Solutions is 620 Mendelssohn Avenue N Suite 190 Minneapolis, MN 55427-431 and number is 888-271-3718.
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