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Comic Con Celebrates its 40th Anniversary in San Diego

By Walt Crocker     Jul 28, 2009 in Entertainment
Comic Con, a world of fantasy, fiction and animatioon, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in San Diego this year. More than 125,000 people are expected to attend this year.
I remember anxiously awaiting the next batch of comic books to arrive at the drugstore when I was a kid. I would save up my allowance for a couple of weeks and camp out in front of the Rexall Pharmacy on the day that they arrived. Single comics cost 12 cents back then and the special double issues were a quarter.
My favorite comic book superheros were the Fantastic Four, followed closely by the X-Men and Dr. Strange. But I really didn't like the Fantastic Four as much as I liked their number one super-villain, Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom was totally cool with his robot looks and the iron mask. I also liked Iron Man. Something about iron characters, I don't know.
I bought most of my comic books new, but sometimes I could find a good bargain at the second-hand store for a nickel. Most of the times those comic books were in poor shape, with the front covers missing, but still a bargain. Plus it was the only place that I could find the really old books and the ones with the superheroes made out of various kinds of metal.
There was an iron guy, of course. He was strong, but he easily rusted. There was a hero made from lead who was heavy and slow. Gold was the brains of the operation, while tin was weak and mercury was very hot-tempered.
Back in the day, there really weren't any fantasy shops or comic book stores like there are now. The only place that you could find them was on a wire rack in the corner drugstore. During the fifties there was a campaign against the comic books, saying that they were unwholesome and un-American. But I always thought that the books really helped me learn to read.
And besides, nothing was better than to get a handful of comics, sit out on the back porch, with a cold glass of Kool Aid on a hot summer day and read. Much better than today's video games because you had to read and think, not just sit there and let everything unfold in front of you.
Now comics and video games and even board games have all come together under the general umbrella of fantasy. According to CNN, Comic Con is celebrating its 40th anniversary in San Diego this year. More than 125, 000 people are expected to attend this year.
Comics have become more than a 12-year-old sitting on his back porch reading now. It's a multi-million dollar business that has even sprouted a whole collection or top grossing movies.
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