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article imageAmericans Oppose Both Wars in the Middle East

By Andrew Moran     Jul 24, 2009 in Politics
A recent poll has showed that more Americans are becoming opposed to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Americans are not the only ones, international public opinion disapprove of the efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
In a recent poll by AP-GFK, Americans are becoming more pessimistic and cautious with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 63 percent respondents interviewed opposed the Iraq war, while 53 percent disapproved the war in Afghanistan.
Republicans and Democrats are split on the war issue. Two-thirds of Republican respondents approve both of the wars, while 10 percent of Democrats approve the Iraq war and 26 percent approve of the operation in Afghanistan. The high disapproval rating of Afghanistan is highly surprising to the Obama administration, which have made Afghanistan their top foreign policy issue.
The President’s administration insisted that the Iraq pullout plan was “on schedule.” However, more people are becoming sceptic regarding Pres. Obama’s plans of withdrawing the troops from Iraq. After the President’s inauguration in January, 83 percent believed he would pull most troops out of Iraq. Presently, the percentage has dropped down to 68 percent of people who believe he would pull “most” troops out of the region within the next four years.
Foreign nations have been determined to keep their soldiers in either of the two regions, even though there has been strong public opposition to the two wars. To show how politicians are apathetic to public opinion, in a recent interview in Tbilisi, Georgia, U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden said that more coalition troops would die but it was “worth the effort.”
With growing public disapproval in most nations who are involved in the combat effort in Afghanistan, countries are beginning to look at a more non-combative role in the region. Netherlands is looking to withdraw their military from Afghanistan however, Germany’s Defense Ministry has rationalized the war by saying “it’s not a war at all.”
In a recent article published on Digital Journal titled: Afghanistan Civilians View Taliban as Liberators, Afghanistan villagers are starting to embrace the Taliban as liberators and seek the group for water and refuge.
The telephone interview consisted of 1,006 respondents and was taken between July 16, 2009 and July 20, 2009. The poll has a margin of error by +/- 3.1 percentage points.
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