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Homophobia and its impact on AIDS rates in Africa

By John Louie S. Ramos     Jul 20, 2009 in Health
In the newest HIV/AIDS study conducted by various researchers from Oxford University, the Population Council of Ghana and the Kenya Medical Research, they found how men who have sex with men have no safe access to relevant HIV/AIDS information.
It was revealed that homophobia in the African region has directly affects the fight against AIDS.
In Africa were male-to-male sexual intercourse is widespread, the pandemic is much more worse than other regions. The findings suggests that males who had sex with other males have higher chances of being diagnosed with the killer HIV/AIDS virus. Although it isn't socially acceptable, male-to-male sex is largely prevalent in the continent.
The British medical journal Lancet, published the report and cited that anal sex isn't safe as most people believed.
Thus, most gay communities in Africa operate underground allegedly initiating hostile activities that includes male-to-male sex.
Hence, male-to-male sex is considered as a criminal offense in about 31 sub-Saharan African countries, however the trend still continues.
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