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Denmark Will Create Arctic Military Command

By Andrew Moran     Jul 18, 2009 in World
Denmark will create a military command and a response force in the arctic north. Many countries are seeking to stake claim over the region due to its vast amount of resources.
In a plan that Ministers of Parliament approved last month, Denmark will build an arctic military command and an Arctic Response Force between 2010 and 2014. During the last several years, Russia, Norway, Canada and the United States are making claims that the arctic is their territory.
The contracting of the polar ice caps are making it easier to access the region’s massive resources. This is creating a lot of controversy and tension between the nations involved because of such resources. The arctic north, reportedly, contains 25 per cent of the Earth’s undiscovered oil and gas and, due to natural climate change, new possibilities of drillings.
Russia wants the arctic to be its main source of oil and gas within the next decade. In March of 2009, the country announced it will setup a military force in the region. In 2007, Canada declared it will create two military facilities to protect its sovereignty.
Denmark also plans to create surveillance in and around Greenland by using combat aircrafts.
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